Why Mom Needs a Birth Doula

A Picture of me 3 days into being a new mom.

I have learned so many things since I was pregnant and gave birth to my first daughter…  I know that if she eats a pop tart here and there opposed to a pure organic breakfast, she will be just fine.  Or with a newborn, that no matter how many burp clothes you own, your shirt will always be gross those first couple months.    But one of the most important things I learned from having my first child is that to help ensure a successful birth, Mom needs a Doula.

After having a rough birth with my first daughter, I learned first hand that birth is no joke, and just like running a marathon, you need training, a plan, a coach and a great support squad.  If you think you can wake-up one day and just go run a marathon with no training or support, it probably won’t end the way you always pictured it.

Which is why, as a second-time Mom, to ensure success, I have chosen to have a Doula on my birth team!  Because let’s be honest, this mom needs a birth Doula.

Delivery with my First Child

Before giving birth to my daughter, I had no fear of labor. I saw the “Business of Being Born” for crying out loud and took my 8 hour labor and delivery class, what else did I need.  (insert giant eye roll)

I had envisioned the perfect labor — I would go to the hospital, labor unmedicated then have my beautiful baby. As most moms know, that was not what happened.

My water broke at 5:00 p.m. on a Friday after an 8 + hour work day. I chose to labor at home, thinking I “may” get some sleep, time in the shower and to relax during the initial stages of labor…. Nothing was relaxing.

After laboring at home for 12 hours we arrived at the hospital. We got checked in and settled in our room and the doctor and nurse came to check on us and said I was only at about 4 cms, they gave us a couple tips to help manage the pain and progress the birth but then they then left.

My husband and I were on their own.

My husband and I after 20 + hours of labor and over 48 hours of no sleep. But she was definitely worth it!

We tried things the doctors and nurses suggested, but as we were together alone in the labor room, we quickly learned we had no idea what we were doing.

What maybe never dawned on me was that labor was just going to be my husband and I, the nurses, midwives and doctors had other patients, we had no one dedicated to give us their full attention —  we were on our own and completely clueless.

Running off little to no sleep, we were exhausted and were not up to the challenge of labor.

The birth ended with an epidural and an emergency c-section.  It was not the birth I had ever envisioned and I personally felt defeated.

Lesson Learned

After delivering my first child, I still look back on my labor with dread.

Although my husband was there, I felt very alone while in labor and uneducated on child birth and how to manage pain.

I also learned an important thing about my husband, while I love him to death and he is an amazing supportive husband, he is no birth coach – which is okay, I wouldn’t suggest he coach an NFL team either.

After I didn’t have the ideal labor, I spent time reading birth stories on the internet and learning so much more.

From all my research, I know with Baby # 2, Mom needs a Doula!

Importance of a Doula for a Mom

A Doula is a professional trained to physical, emotional and educational support to a mother before, during and after childbirth.  A Doula joins your birth team with the sole purpose of supporting Mom, Dad and baby without doing anything medical.

Lyndsay O’Neill of Sublime Motherhood.

Statistically, Doula’s can decrease total time of labor by 25% (That’s a win right there!) and lead Mom and baby to much better results during labor.

A Doula also can help to lower c-sections rates by 50%, lead to a 60% reduction in use of epidurals and other medical interventions and overall more satisfaction during labor.

Lyndsay O’Neill of Sublime Motherhood of Norfolk shared that the she is able to help a mother through birth and coping with pain by experimenting with different positions and relaxation techniques. Once the perfect combo is found, Lyndsay supports her Mom’s through a rotation of three positions.

Lyndsay uses the power of touch, massage and support to empower her clients to have the best birth possible.

What about Dad?

Most importantly, Dad doesn’t have to worry about being replaced by a Doula. As Lyndsay stated “Dad is still the coach, I am the playbook”.

A Doula can help support Dad in supporting his wife.  Your Doula will provide support to you and your partner’s comfort level, making sure you have the information, support, and guidance you need to be the best birth coach possible. A Doula can assist a partner by bringing them a meal or something to drink, giving them a break to nap or take a walk, and providing suggestions to assist the birthing mom.

Having a Doula helps Dad to support his wife throughout labor without having to remember everything he learned in child birth class.  A Doula would never be able to replace the love and care your husband provides to you but is a welath of knowledge to both parents.

And unlike Dad, a Doula isn’t going through their first or second birth. In fact, Lyndsay has supported over 20 births, giving her the experience and knowledge to support Mom and Dad through labor and beyond.

What I learned for Baby #2

After over 20 hours of labor, my daughter was brought into the world via c-section. She was beautiful healthy and perfect, and that was all I prayed for.

For Baby #2, I have been approved from my doctors for a VBAC. With a 90% success rate from Women Care Center coupled with Sublime Motherhood’s 100% VBAC success rate, I am positive that this birth will go much better for myself and family.

After those hours alone in the hospital with my first daughter’s birth, I know that a Doula will be the key to our family’s success in our attempt to have a VBAC, and why Mom needs a doula.

I am so happy that we found Lyndsay with Sublime Motherhood to join our birth team.  Lyndsay brings a wealth of knowledge about birth and beyond and will be great in helping me to be empowered to have the best birth possible.

Not only will Lyndnsay be an excellent resource for my husband and I, but she also has a great track record with VBACs.  Lyndsay has supported 9 moms in successful VBACs and I know that she has the knowledge to support mine.

If any Moms in Hampton Roads are looking for a wonderful Doula to support them during birth and beyond, I would strongly suggest Lyndsay from Sublime Motherhood.


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