What Mom Really Wants for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about what Mom REALLY wants.  Sure we can get dressed up, go out to dinner and have a bouquet of flowers and chocolate, but is that what Mom really wants?

If you’re like me, the idea of a date night, although it sounds wonderful, is not even in the top 5 things I want for Valentine’s Day, instead this Mom is eyeing the following things for Valentine’s Day:

A Massage

Between running around with the kids, taking care of the house and holding down a career this Momma needs to relax.  A little quiet time by myself on a massage table sounds wonderful to me!

If you are local, I would suggest visiting Eileen Monaghan of Hampton Roads Prenatal Massage! Eileen specializes in care for Moms and as a local business and Mom goes the extra mile to make your experience better.

Some Peace and Quiet

Life with a toddler is non-stop noise and I LOVE it!  We dance to Disney songs, read books, count, talk about her day and sing!  But it can be a lot of noise.

For Valentine’s Day, I’d love for the hubby to take her for an hour or two and let me enjoy some peace and quiet.  I could probably read the Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Story or the Emily Ley’s Grace Not Perfection books that are collecting dust on my night stand, or watch an episode of Sex and the City.

To be honest, I’ll probably spend the hour on my phone surfing Facebook, but it’s nice to think that I could read a book for a minute.

Cleaning Service

If you’re like me, my house needs a massive deep cleaning.  Yes, I keep up with the day to day cleaning of the house, but my house could use a massive deep cleaning.  But, I’d even just take someone coming in to fold my laundry and pick-up after my families.

Local Moms should schedule Coastal Cleaning Servicing to come out and clean your house.

A Chef

While getting a chef to come cook every meal may be out of the question, Mom could at least get something to help make meal time easier.

Some of my favorite cookbooks for meal planning and cooking dinner is the Pioneer Women, Cravings and the Instant Pot Cookbook.

A Trip to Target

What does Mom love more than anything?  Long walks through the aisles of Target, that’s what.

Going to Target alone is my guilty pleasure.  I stroll over to Starbucks, grab myself a well deserved coffee, than head to the dollar section to see what odds and ends I can get my hands on.  Next, a trip to the ladies section to see what I can grab, then shoes, children, and so on.

It’s the best!

So rather than my hubby get me anything from Target, I’m instead requesting some time alone in Target <3

What other Moms Want…

“To use my self care gift certificates” — Tracy White

“12 Hours of uninterrupted sleep.” — Erin Elizabeth

“Alone time or a maid” — Amanda Torbett

“Dinner somewhere that doesn’t serve chicken nuggets” — Agnes Smith

“Massage” — Julie Harrell

“Time Alone” — Kasey Kennison


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