HRVA Moms Top 5 Blog Post in 2017

In March, two local Moms had a dream to build a community of Hampton Roads Moms on the internet.  Over the last 10 months, Hampton Roads Moms has grown so much and we are so excited for what 2018 will bring!  We continue to be amazed and humbled at what our site has become in 2017, but most of all, we are so very thankful to you, our readers, for your support in helping to build this amazing community.

Hampton Roads Moms will always be a community and resource by Hampton Roads Moms for Hampton Roads Moms!

As we start 2018, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on our Top 5 most-read blog posts in 2017. We hope that you enjoy this blast from the past!  And, if you have a story you want to tell in 2018, we would love to have you join Hampton Roads Moms as a contributor.

1 – A No Toy Christmas 

I don’t want my children growing up with an overabundance of toys.  But I do want them to grow up with an overabundance of love and memories.

So instead of rushing out to buy a bunch of toys to stuff under the tree this year, I will be ensuring that my child has the things they need and memories to last.

While we put out cookies for Santa, hang our stockings by the chimney with care, and read the nightmare before Christmas I can’t wait for my daughter to have her 2nd Christmas.  But what I am most excited about is my daughter receiving gifts that will last a lifetime in the form of memories, books and adventures to come.

2 – A Letter to My Military Child 

My Dear Sweet Children,
I would argue on your behalf that being a military child is the toughest job in the military.  You’re the only one who didn’t choose this life.  Your dad chose to enlist, I chose to marry him knowing that we were facing a tough road ahead.
The two of you had no say. An accident by birth made the two of you “military brats”, a role that you both have handled with grace in a way that has made your Dad and I proud…
Growing up as military “brats” is going to be hard. There will be challenges and you will have to find strength within yourselves to keep moving forward.  Your father has bravely chosen to answer the call to serve his country, and his choice will impact you in ways we never planned.
But always know that together or oceans apart, we’re exceptionally proud of our military children.

3 – Free Things to Do in Hampton Roads

When you have kids, there is nothing you love more than FREE things to do with them that gets you all out of the house.  Lucky for us, Hampton Roads is FULL of free things to do with your family.

So, rather than keeping y’all cooped in your house looking for something to do, Hampton Roads Moms decided to put together a BIG list of FREE things to do all over Hampton Roads.  So bookmark this site for your next free day and get outside!

4 – Wear the Damn Bathing Suit

Wear the damn bathing suit so you don’t miss out on time with your family. Rather than sit on the side of the pool fully clothed worrying about the size of your thighs, put on your bathing suit and play Marco Polo in the pool with your kids. Teach your littles how to do cannon balls. Make memories with your family rather than sit on the sidelines and watch memories being made around you.

The truth is, your kids won’t remember your stretch marks, baby weight or the C-section shelf.
Your kids will remember the afternoon you spent building the largest sandcastle they have ever seen, or the morning swims at the neighborhood pool.

Maybe if all us Moms got out this summer and wore our damn bathing suits, it would help to encourage other Moms to get out there and do the same.

5 – The LuLaRoe Craze:  Moms Everywhere Love It Before, during and After Pregnancy

LuLaRoe was started by a single mother, Deanne Stidham, who found herself divorced and broke with 5 children that she needed to provide for along with the skill of sewing. Her daughter Nicole asked her to make her a Maxi skirt because she did not like anything she was seeing in the stores. After wearing her Maxi skirt to school and all of her friends asking her about it she began to take orders for skirts that her mom needed to sew, unbeknownst to Deanne, suddenly she was inundated with orders for these Maxi’s and from there so began the life of LuLaRoe!

While we started as a Maxi skirt company we have quickly become the “leggings company”. If you have heard of LuLaRoe then you have heard about our amazing leggings that feel like “buttah”.  The leggings are incredibly soft and do not roll down throughout the day. All our patterns are limited to 5,000 pieces which basically means that you have something original and not too many people will have the same items as one another….

It is no secret that motherhood takes a toll on your body.  From your hips adjusting, to everything expanding than going back in place (sort of) the whole period of your life is just awkward for a women’s body.

LuLaRoe is amazing in that the material is comfortable and forgiving for pregnant and new moms.  Which is why so many woman can find confidence and comfort when wearing LuLaRoe.

Honorable Mentions:

I’m a Hot Mess Mom by Skylar Jenkins
Organization Series by Ashley Rickert
To My Daughter on Her First Birthday by Jessica Appelberg
Tips for Work At Home by Jessa Hillmann

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