Tips to take your Baby to the Beach

It is summer time here once again in Hampton Roads and we all know what that means, trips to the beautiful beaches of Hampton Roads.  Whether your heading down to the York River, Buckroe or Sandbridge beach, Hampton Roads Moms decided to share some tried and true tips to take your baby to the beach this summer.

Our Beach Baby

Our Baby Annoucement

We knew that we were going to have a beach baby the moment that we found out we were pregnant.  In fact that was how we announced our pregnancy on Facebook.

Therefore, when I was pregnant, I started asking friends and observing other families at the beach to refine our method on how we were going to take our baby to the beach.

Then, on the first warm day in April, my husband and I took our daughter on her first beach trip.  Ever since then, our daughter has become an official beach baby, and we have become pros at taking our baby to the beach.

Although these tips are for babies, we still apply them with our toddler today!

Note: this post contains affiliate links—meaning I get a small kick-back from any purchases you make after clicking on my links at no additional cost to you. All of these items are things that we use and love. Thanks for your support!

1. Don’t go when it is hot

Since babies cannot tolerate the heat like we can, I always suggest to stay away from the hottest part of the day.  Normally, we would go first thing in the morning or at around 3:00 in the afternoon.  Not only is the parking and crowds more tolerable, but it is not as hot as the middle of the day and will be less stress on the baby.

Also, manage expectations and plan not to stay longer than three hours.  Chances are, about then, your baby will be ready to go.  If you are staying close by, take them in, feed them and let them take a break from the heat for about an hour.

To help with the heat, consider getting a clip on fan.  They are foam, so they won’t hurt your baby if they touch it.  This fan is east to clip in your tent to keep the air circulating.  You can also use this fan on the stroller or in the car to keep your little one cool.

2. Make sure everything is wearable

As you probably already know having a baby, your hand are full!  And the same applies to when you go to the beach.

Everything we own for our beach trips is wearable.  Whether it be our Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair to our beach bag, everything can be worn making it simple to go the beach.

This also includes wearing your baby.

3. Bring a duck

A duck?!?!

The Munchkin Inflatable Duck Tub was a great way to coll our little one off in the water, without getting her in.  Since it was small and inflatable, it wasn’t huge like a pool and was easy to deflate and inflate from trip to trip.

As soon as we go to the beach we would inflate the duck, fill it with water and put it in the sun.  After a bit, the water would be warm enough that we could hold my daughter in it and let her cool off without being in the rough ocean.

The duck was perfect for my daughter to sit in and she still uses it today at the beach.

4. Have something for your baby to drink

Whether it be breast milk, nursing or formula, make sure that you have their normal intake and then an extra feeding.

Unlike adults, babies can’t consume water, so be prepared to give them an extra feeding when out in the sun to be on the safe side.

5. Bring Shade

Whether you are going to the beach with a baby or yourself, chances are you will need some shade.

Get the Genji Instant Beach Tent.  If this is the only thing you buy all summer, do it, you won’t regret it.

The tent comes with zero poles (unlike alot of the other beach tents on the market) and sets-up instantly.  No matching poles or sliding them through openings on the tent, it just magically works!

You literally, pull it out of the bag and snap the top onto the tent.  It is truly that easy.  I was able to do it while baby wearing my daughter by myself.

I have friends who have bought other tents and then ended up going out and buying this one because they loved ours so much.  So forgo the headache and purchase the Genji Instant Beach Tent.

How do you take your baby to the beach?  Share tips below!


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