Tip Tuesday: Top Four Cleaning Secrets

For Tip Tuesday, we have a special guest post from Jessica Hart of Coastal Cleaning Servicing.

Jessica is a professional cleaner and owns the cleaning company Coastal Cleaning Servicing. here in Hampton Roads.  As a busy Mom, I know that I am always looking for tips, shortcuts and secrets to help make cleaning effortless and quick so that I can get back to hanging out with my beautiful family.

Here are four of Jessica’s “tricks of the trade”.

Top Four Cleaning Secrets


1.) Painters Tool:

This tool right here is my right-hand man!  It’s officially a painters tool, but can be easily used in every day household cleaning.  It’s a scratch proof way to get off any stuck items on windows and other surfaces!  Imagine having some paint on your windows, spraying a little Windex and scraping it off.  Have buildup on your stove top?  Spray a multipurpose cleaner and scrape it right off.  No need to battle trying to wrap heavy buildup off!  The reason why this tool is so valuable is because as I said previously, it is scratch proof.  When you use it correctly, you will have no chance of leaving scratches behind.  It is easily one of the most valuable tips I use!


2.)  Oven Cleaners

Think oven cleaners are just for ovens?  Think again!  Oven cleaners may as well be labeled multi-purpose cleaners.  I use this all the time on homes that are either being remodeled or cleaned for future renters since I must get rid of SO many stains!  Stains in the bathroom from soap or shampoo bottle rings?  Leave this on the surface for about an hour and when you come back to clean it off, the stain will come up with no hesitation.  A lot of residents here in Hampton Roads see a pink to orange tinge on our shower and toilets from city water.  This will remove that in no time.  Also, stains on kitchen counters can be tamed by oven cleaner.  I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that oven cleaner is most certainly a multipurpose cleaner!

3.)  Magic Erasers

Now this here is something we all know, but some have yet to try.  I’m speaking about the famous magic erasers.  I have seen these things remove permanent marker from surfaces, and the claims are certainly true about what these magic erasers are capable of doing!  They can be used in all areas of the home.  Soap scum and buildup in your shower?  Try a magic eraser.  They will leave the surfaces of your shower as smooth a baby’s bottom.  Whenever in doubt, try a magic eraser.  For an extra boost, mix it with a multi-purpose cleaner.

**This is one of Hampton Roads Moms Favorite cleaning products too!

4.)  Baking Soda

One of my favorite secrets of all time is baking soda.  We see it all the time included as an ingredient of our favorite cleaning products, yet for some reason, most of us never use it directly in its purest form.  You can clean so many items with baking soda and get such beautiful results.  Try using it to clean built up gunk on refrigerator surfaces or even to clean your grill.  I truly don’t think there is a cleaning solution that exists that wouldn’t benefit from baking soda.


Do you want to learn more about Jessica Hart and Coastal Cleaning Servicing,  contact Jessica at the information below.  Coastal Cleaning is a local business that does wonderful in home cleanings.  Check her out for pricing!

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