Tip Tuesday — Got a Tip?

It’s Tuesday!

Tuesday has never been my favorite day of the week.  I find it more desirable than Mondays, but not as fun as Fridays.

But all of that is about to change…

Every Tuesday Hampton Roads Moms will be sharing Tips with you!  But, our tips won’t be very useful if they don’t relate to other Moms — so send us you ideas!

From everything to how to figure out that crazy wrap you got from your shower to a fun rainy day activity to a recipe for dinner, we plan to have it all here!

So comment below some tips you want to see or something you want to learn how to do.  We’ll figure it out together!

Got a Tip?

Also, are you a Mom that has a great tip that you want to share?  Is there something that you swear by and tell all your friends?

Share it with us!

We are all just Moms trying to do what is best for our kids and we all would love to learn more from you.

E-mail any tips to and your tip could be featured here!

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