Things NOT to Say to a Mama that’s Overdue

Mom Monday

Because as we all know, Mama needs some attention too!
Hampton Roads Mom Ashley – 40+ weeks Pregnant

By: Jessica (

10.) Coworkers: Wow, you’re still here?
Mom: Actually, I had the baby last night but decided to come in today because I’m THAT dedicated to my job.

9.) Have you tried eating spicy food/walking/eating pineapple/taking evening primrose oil?
Mom: Yes. Yes I have. Clearly it didn’t work.  And by the way, you’re the 539th person to ask me that…today.

8.) The baby still hasn’t come out yet? Bless your heart.
Insert eye-roll here.

7.) You’re huge!  That’s going to be one big baby.
Mom: …Thanks?

6.) That baby must be really comfy in there!
Mom:  Thanks for bringing up how comfortable my uterus must be. That wasn’t awkward. And while the baby might be comfortable, I’m standing here with cankles and the size of a house.

5.) Have you tried having sex yet?
Mom:  Yep, three times this morning.  Now do you mind if I ask when you last had sex, perfectly good stranger standing in line with me at Kroger?

4.) The baby will come when he/she is ready!
Mom:  I know. But that doesn’t make being 41 weeks pregnant any easier.

3.) Oh my gosh, I’m so tired of waiting for this baby to get here!
Mom:  I’m sorry that my child not arriving on time has inconvenienced you.  Now let me tell you how little I care.

2.) Have you had any signs of labor?
Mom:  No, but thanks for further depressing me by reminding me of the fact that NOTHING has happened.

1.) You’re still not dilated. We’ll see you back next week! – My OBGYN.
Mom:  Well shit.


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