The Virginia Aquarium

The Virginia Aquarium is located near the Oceanfront in Virginia Beach, and is a great trip for the whole family!

The Aquarium is two facilitates, the Marsh Pavilion and Ocean Pavilion that are connected by a nature trail that curves along Owl Creek. Inside you will find thousands of animals from sharks, to sea turtles to Komodo Dragons! The exhibits are beautiful, educational and interactive.

Inside, you will find a mix of tanks full of fish, interactive science shacks and play areas that are great for taking a break! Everyone from older relatives to my baby enjoy the exhibits — no matter how many times we go!

Also, there is a rotating exhibit that has had everything from Smokey the Bear, to tree houses, to underwater adventures. This place is ALWAYS full of kids running around. It is a play area with interactive, educational games and puzzles.

With your day’s admission it covers many activities that include gallery programs, live animals and divers. They also offer children’s programs that include Toddler Tuesdays, STEM and teen programs.

What we like: What I enjoy most are the interactive areas. You can learn how all the water gets to the Chesapeake Bay, put together a puzzle of tectonic plates and make your own earthquake.

Also, the views are amazing. We love to go out to the scenic lookouts or the huge windows and look at the water, the oysters and the local wild life.  Everyone in a while, you may even catch the Pirate Boat being attacked by pirates (see upcoming post about Pirate Ship).

And lastly, the giant fish tanks are breathtaking. I could sit there all day and watch the turtles swim or the different animals interact.

Mom tip: Find a friend and split the Crab membership that includes four (4) admissions per day! It cost $135.00 together but $67.50 per family. We did this with my sister and it has worked out great! We have been able to go together with our friends and family.  I have gone at least 10 times with my husband, so we have paid about $3.38 a trip. Since we live in Virginia Beach and the aquarium is about 20 minutes away it has been great to go walk around on cold days and to just “get out of the house”.

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