Ten Reasons Why Ashley Rocks

Ashley with her family

It’s our co-founder Ashley’s birthday today!  She would kill me for revealing how old she is, so in honor of her birthday, I will instead tell you Ten Reasons Why Ashley Rocks.

Goofing off at Epcot

10.)  Ashley is the brain behind Hampton Roads Moms.  Not only does she write content, but she is the one who has figured out how to really make this blog work.  But let’s be honest, to anyone that knows me and Ashley, that doesn’t come as a surprise!

9.)  Ashley is the ultimate beach bum!  Not only does she live at the beach, but she can tell you the best beach go to and what you need to bring to make your beach trip a success.

8.)  She is fun to drink margaritas with!  And she can always talk a mariachi band into playing Feliz Navidad, even if it’s the middle of August.

7.)  Ashley is the ultimate UCF fan and loves to support her Knights!

6.)  Ashley inspires me when it comes to fitness.  Did you know that just eight months after having a baby, Ashley ran a half marathon?  She’s either crazy or the most bad ass mama I know.

With our mom at Disney

5.)  According to our Mom, she’s a great daughter.  But you know, not as awesome as me.  Just kidding.

4.)  Even though she’s OLD, Ashley is a Disney Princess at heart.  She even spent a few years working for The Mouse while she was a student at UCF.

3.)  Ashley is an amazing Aunt and Godmother, who loves my kids as if they were her own.

2.)  Her husband and daughter are her world.  And sure, this is true for all Moms, but I have to say that watching my sister make the shift to wife and mother makes me proud.

1.)  Ashley is the best sister, friend and business partner a girl could ask for.


Happy birthday Ashley.  We’ll always have New Hampshire!

Longest two weeks EVER.
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