Surviving a Road Trip with Kids

Traveling with kids can be a nightmare, no matter how you choose to get to your destination.  If you fly, you have deal with dragging your littles through airport security and to your gate, which can be a challenge all within itself.  And then there’s road trips.  Surviving a Road Trip with Kids requires having the patience of Saint and few tips and tricks up your sleeve!

Luckily, my husband and I have survived quite a few road trips with our infant and toddler, so we’ve learned a how to make through a road trip with our kiddos with our sanity intact.  We also reached out to our amazing readers and asked them to share their secrets!

So read on to find out more tips and tricks on Surviving a Road Trip with Kids!

Road Tripping with my kids to Florida!
1.)  Plan your trip so the majority takes place during nap or bedtime.

I find it’s easiest to drive when my littles are asleep.  If they are sleeping, it obviously cuts back on any demands for snacks, stops to get out and walk, nursing breaks or diaper changes.

2.)  Pack a snack bag.

When my husband and I hit the road, we GO.  We try not to stop so can get to our destination as quickly as possible So we always pack a bag of snacks and drinks to take with us so we can cut down on stops.  Plus, with how often our toddler requests snacks, it’s easier to have them readily available.  We pack a variety, so we have everything from the basics to a treats like cookies, which are great for bribes.  Try these reusable snack bags to help with your packing.

3.)  Bring toys.

One of our readers, Erin S., said that they usually bring a few new books, sticker books he can cover himself with or band aids to peel open, toys stored in zippered bags to make them more “fun” to discover what’s inside.  She also suggested getting creative with singalongs and I Spy!

4.)  Provide Entertainment

When even books and toys can’t stop my children from being restless, I’ll turn on a movie for them.  Our current minivan has a TV and DVD player, but a tablet works as well.  Be sure to pack your toddler’s favorite.  I always save Moana or Frozen for the last two hours of our drive, because no matter how restless my son is, he will always sit still and watch Maui and Elsa!  Plus, he enjoys singing along, so that keeps him entertained as well.

5.)  Stop

The number one thing I have to remind myself of is that it’s not a race.  While the ultimate goal is to make it to my destination as quickly and painlessly as possible, it’s sometimes necessary to stop to keep my sanity and my littles happy.  My favorite place to stop is Chick-Fil-A.  We can do diaper changes, order food and my toddler can play in the play place while I feed the infant and eat my meal.  This gives him a chance to stretch his legs, my baby a chance to nurse and me a chance to relax.  When we get back in the car, everyone is refreshed and ready to hit the road!

Road Trips with our littles don’t have to be a painful chore that we dread.  There’s no reason the journey can’t be as fun as the destination, and with some patience and a plan in place, you too are on your way to Surviving a Road Trip with Kids!

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