Selling a House with Kids

I refer to my kids as the toddler tornadoes, and despite the fact that many seem to think I’m joking, the two of them can tear apart my house in the five minutes it takes me to start the laundry.  Which makes Selling a House with Kids a bit of challenge!

Unfortunately, it has to be done.  People sell their houses for various reasons, and sometimes, they have to do it with children in tow!

But just a few steps can make it possible to survive selling your home without losing what little sanity us moms have left!

1.)  Devise a cleaning plan.

Have a cleaning plan and schedule in place.  Staying on top of it will help for when realtors do crazy things like schedule a viewing at 9 a.m. on a Wednesday and you won’t have to spend the entire night before rage cleaning.

2.)  Set boundaries.

Do I want my house to sell?  Yep.  But is it worth sacrificing what is left of my family’s routine?  Nope.  So I set boundaries with my realtor of when our house can be shown.  Anytime during the day is fine, but after 5:30 p.m. is off limits.  At that point, it interferes with our dinner, bath and bed time routine. There are few things in our home more sacred than our night time routines, showings be damned.

3.)  Have a “Get Out” plan.

When we have a viewing scheduled, my husband and I have get out of the house plan in place with the children while still keeping our home spotless.  We start preparing to leave two hours before the scheduled showing and go through our check list.  Beds made, counters wiped down, clothes put away, check, check, check!  But at the same time, we’re realistic.  If vacuuming isn’t done, then eh, it is what it is. While it’s imperative to have the big things checked off, the small things aren’t important and (hopefully) won’t impact the sale of our house.

4.)  Be prepared with bribes.

Need to get the kids out the door fast?  Nothing lures my children out of the house and into the car faster than the promise of goldfish and movie in the minivan (The Lorax is currently our favorite).  When we are at that crucial “We need to leave the house NOW” point, the bribes start flying out of my mouth as I shove the children out the door and into the car!

5.)  Keep them busy.

If you’re dragging your kids out of the house for an hour, you need to have a plan in place to keep them busy, or else the time you spend out of the house will be pure torture.  We go to the Y, the park, do a Target run or visit friends.  This gives our kiddos something to look forward to every time we have to leave.

Have you sold your home before?  Leave your tips and tricks to survive the process in the comments!

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