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Local Mom Spotlight: The Sassy Sailor’s Wife

It’s amazing how innovative Moms can be!  When I heard about Mallory’s business, I was impressed.  It was a new, innovative idea and I couldn’t wait to sit down with Mallory and discuss how she came up with The Sassy Sailor’s Wife.  Read on to find out why The Sassy Sailor’s Wife is our Local Mom Spotlight.

The Sassy Sailor’s Wife
Inside the converted Airstream
What is The Sassy Sailor’s Wife?

The Sassy Sailor’s Wife is a mobile boutique.  I have a 1975 vintage Airstream trailer that I converted into a boutique.  It was a true labor of love, and since it’s mobile, I can travel to various locations and do private parties.  I also do vendor events.

What type of brands do you carry?

I carry boutique brands like Um-Gee which are all made in the USA.  So everything at the Sassy Sailor’s Wife is a well-made, quality item with a quality price.  I wanted real moms to be able to shop at my boutique, so I try to keep my prices around $45.

Inside the converted Airstream
What gave you the idea for The Sassy Sailor’s Wife?

I had been working in corporate America, and I had a stressful job that was causing me a lot of stress and anxiety.  So in 2017, I decided to go out on my own, which was something I’ve always wanted to do.  Fashion Trucks are big on the West Coast, but this is really ground breaking for the East Coast.  And even though they have laws in place for food trucks, since this is such a new concept for our area, it took two weeks alone to get an insurance policy.  So it was a lot of work on our end to make this a reality, and we were really excited to open shop and have our first sale the last week of June!

Where do you typically set up shop?

It’s been hard to find a local business or property to set up the boutique for sales, but you can typically find The Sassy Sailor’s Wife at 200 George Washington Highway North in Chesapeake.  Check out my page on Facebook for times, but I’m there three days a week, and every Wednesday is Wife Wednesday for Military Spouses.  As a Military Spouse, I believe that spouses deserve recognition too, so you can get 10% off on Wednesday when you shop, and Military can get 10% off all day, every day.

Set up for shopping
Where else can Hampton Roads Moms find you?

I enjoy doing vendor shows, like the 757 Battle of the Beers at Hunt Club Farm that was on September 9.   I also do Book the Boutique, so I can come to your home and do a party!  I just park my Airstream in your driveway and you invite your friends over to shop!  I offer fun hostess specials and rewards, so contact me on my Facebook page for more details.

On Being a Mom
How many children do you have?

I have a daughter, Ryleigh, who is five.  We’re getting ready to take on the adventure of Homeschooling her, so The Sassy Sailor’s Wife gives me the flexibility to be there with her and focus on her education.

What’s your favorite kid’s snack?

Baby Bell cheese!

What kid’s show do you often find yourself watching?

Jesse!  It’s reminiscent of Boy Meets World and other shows from my childhood, so I enjoy it.

What show do you enjoy binge watching?

Brooklyn 99 with Andy Samberg.  I’m also currently re-watching Game of Thrones.

What’s your favorite way to relax?

As just a weeknight thing, I like to enjoy a glass of wine and reality TV.  But as a way to relax as a family, I enjoy going camping or going out on the boat.  It’s a nice way to unplug because there’s no phones and no technology and you’re truly away from it all.

What advice do you have out there for other Military Spouses or Moms who are looking to start their own business?

Being a Military Spouse is so hard because you have all of these goals for yourself and your own career, but his career has to come first.  However, you also have to do what is best for you and what you love.  My husband is so supportive, and we finally found a way to make our careers co-exist thanks to him working with me.  So my advice is to take the plunge and just go for it.  Life is too short to worry about what everyone thinks, so just focus on what is right for you and your family.


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