Rodan and Fields Review: 30 Days and Looking Younger?

Rodan and Fields Reverse

I’ve been using Rodan and Fields Reverse for over 30 days now, and while I have not yet been confused for the younger of my sisters, I’ve continued to notice an exciting difference!

My face has always been red. Maybe as a result of spending too many years life guarding under the Florida sun, but even in the dead of winter, there was always a certain level of redness or “ruddiness” to my skin.

I’m up to using Rodan and Fields twice a day. I do all four steps in the morning and three steps in the evening, skipping the sunscreen at night.

The mornings are easy to remember to do my Rodan and Fields regiment. I often do all four steps while my toddler eats breakfast and watches TV.

The evenings are a little harder to stick with. Most nights after wrestling two kids to bed, doing laundry, cleaning the house and doing a bit of work, I’m too tired to wash my face. However, since the steps are quick and easy, I go ahead and do it.

But those nights when I’ve had a few glasses of wine at my neighbor’s barbecue, I may or may not fall into bed without bothering to wash my face!

Luckily, the regiment is forgiving and even though I may not perfectly stick to it every single day, that doesn’t mean I haven’t noticed changes in the way my skin looks!

Day 1. This is what I look like when my kids are driving me crazy!

When I did my 14 day recap of my Rodan and Fields experience, I mentioned how my Rodan and Fields Reverse treatment had helped lessen my ruddy complexion.

Well now I’m excited to share that the redness is completely gone! Knowing what my skin looks like now compared to before and I’ve noticed a huge difference.

And while those who might not see me everyday may not notice a difference, those close to me have. My friends, my sisters, even my mom. In fact, my mom said to me last night, “Your skin looks great! Tell me more about this face thing you’re doing.”

On top of the redness being gone, my complexion appears brighter and not as dull, which is amazing for someone who just celebrated her 30th birthday!

Feeling like my skin is looking better!

And my skin is so smooth. Like, almost as smooth as my baby girl’s skin. You hear about the LuLa Roe girls running around telling you to feel their leggings because they are like butter…well I’m the crazy lady telling you to feel her face because it feels so smooth.

But I’m only halfway through the 60 days worth of product, so here’s to hoping that after day 60 I’ll be back telling you someone thought I looked younger than Ashley!

If you are interested in trying Rodan and Fields, please don’t hesitate to contact Tricia with your questions! She’s been amazing to work with!

Tricia’s Rodan + Fields Page || Email:

Have you tried Rodan and Fields? What’s your skincare routine?

Disclaimer: I was given 60 days worth of Rodan and Fields product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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