Product Review: Re-usable Snack Bags

My toddler snacking and chilling

I have a toddler that loves to eat snacks… all the time.  Some days I feel like I am feeding a growing high school football player opposed to my 20 pound one year old.  So in order to avoid a public meltdown, I always have to be prepared with snacks, which is why I love Sharp Plant’s re-usable snack bags.

Re-usable snack bags have been a game changer for this Mom, and I can’t wait to share with you how great they are!

Re-usable Snack Bags

Ever since these re-usable snack bags came to my life, I have fallen deeper and deeper in love with them.

The re-usable snack bags are perfect for carrying a large assortment of snacks for your kids.  They run a little bigger than a traditional zip-loc bag and can hold anything from small goldfish to large snack bars.

But un-like a traditional zip-loc bag, I find the re-useable snack bags to be much more kid friendly.  They are much durable, meaning they come out of my kid’s diaper bag and hands un-harmed  The re-useable snack bags are also much sturdier, so you won’t find the bag and your child’s snack crumbled and on the bottom of your diaper bag.

Why I love them!
Large Snack Bags
Fun designs for the re-usable snack bags.

Sharp Plant Designs makes two size snack bags — large and small.  The larger bag is perfect for larger snacks, such as granola bars, popcorn, etc.  I love to put granola bars in mine so that they are all in one place and not scattered around my diaper bag.  I’ve also successfully put a banana and apple in the snack bag!

You can also fit toys such as Hot Wheels in these bags for easy transportation.

Now, my favorite part of the re-useable snack bag are the fun designs the bags come in!  My daughter loves the unicorn pattern!  My niece and nephew love their fun patterns too.

The fun colors and patterns go perfect with our kids’ personalities and make them love both.

And the best part of these snack bags is they are easy to clean!  Pull the lining inside out and wash and ta-da!  Clean and ready for your next adventure.

Sharp Plant Designs

Sharp Plant Designs was started by Virginia Mom, Caitlin Sharp, who lives with her family in Northern Virginia.

Caitlin fell in love with creating handmade items for her family, and decided to help other families that had the same needs and Sharp Plant Designs was born.

Sharp Plant Designs specializes in customizing your life and business.

Besides the amazing snack bags, Sharp Plant Designs offers embroidery services and customized apparel.

If you have any handmade needs, please check out Sharp Plant Designs for lovely personalized gifts!

Note: This post is sponsored by Sharp Plant Designs. However, we would not promote or work with a business we did not believe to be reputable or relevant to our readers.


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