Please, Don’t Buy me Things Not on my Registry

I love baby showers!  I love the idea of family, friends and coworkers gathering together to celebrate a new, beautiful baby coming in to the world and the mom’s new adventure into motherhood.  But the one thing I share from all new moms to the world is please, don’t buy me things not on my registry.

I don’t mean to be rude or ungrateful,and I plead as an exhausted pregnant mom-to-be but please, don’t buy me anything not on my registry.  I ask that you trust that I registered for everything that I thought I needed for my baby and the products are conducive to our home and family.  And that things not on our registry are there for a reason.

Before I was Pregnant

Since before I became pregnant, I have unknowingly been working on my baby registry.  

Over the years I have been visiting neighbors and college friends after their babies were born and seeing what they had for their babies.  I remember the first time I touched a beautiful Aden + Anais swaddle and knew that I needed one for my own little one.  I marveled at their nurseries, pushed their kids in the stroller around the mall and even put a crying baby to sleep in a swing.  

I asked friends how they liked certain products, what they would do differently, and products that they can’t live without.  

Then, I Became pregnant.  

One Saturday morning, armed with list and suggestions from friends and family, my husband and I headed to the local Babies R Us to create our registry.

We spent hours trying out strollers and ensuring that they fit into the car when folded and we liked the way it worked.  

Together, we inspected car seats, wheels on walkers and pack and plays to ensure that they were conducive with our home.  I used my research to register for the Tommee Tippee bottles I wanted, the Ergo Baby Carrier I desired and everything else I wanted.

After hours at the Babies R Us, my husband and I were happy with our decisions and knew we selected the best products for our new family’s needs.  We left knowing that our registry reflected our wants and needs.

Then, my shower came

I loved the opportunity to get together with my friends, family and co-workers to celebrate my growing baby.  My husband and I were lucky enough to have three showers and countless gifts form the wonderful people in our lives.  We ate good food, laughed at jokes, and ate my favorite Publix cake.

And then, it came time to open presents.  

One by one, my husband and I opened the amazing gifts for our beautiful baby that was on the way.

We got so many gifts, we weren’t even able to fit them in our car!  At our shower, we received everything from our dream stroller, bassinet and walker that we wished for but so many essentials and diapers that we needed.  

But the one thing that we didn’t ask for…. Things not on our list.

I know you meant well when you bought my baby 23 new born winter outfits, but my child born during a warm Spring month will probably never use half of them.

And due to my personal issues with skin products, I choose for a reason to register for Aveno skin products, so the off-brand skin products won’t work.  

And due to our completely hardwood floors house, I registered for a walker that would be compatible with our home, so getting me one that your child “loved” doesn’t work.

And I know your son loves the binki you gave me, but since the 5 years your son used that binki, recent research came out against that type and I choose to go with a different brand.

Now, I am not ungrateful, or being rude, but as a Mom I request, please, don’t buy me things not on my registry.

Why it Matters

You see, every item on my registry was placed there for a reason, hence why I registered for it.  And I do appreciate your best intentions, but getting me items that are not on my registry is more of a nuisance than you realize.  

Because my child can’t wear the new born outfits, use the skin products, the walker won’t work in our home and I don’t like the binki, I have to return all of these items.

That means, my 8 month pregnant beluga butt has to go out of my way to Babies R Us, lug a cart full of items I didn’t request into the store, wait in line, and then go through every item on the return list and ensure that price matches what I had researched on line.  For a momma that is any months pregnant, none of this is fun.

No matter what you get a new momma, she is going to appreciate that you took the time to recognize her child.  But from one mom to another, please, don’t buy me things not on my registry.

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