Pickwick Puppet Theater presents “A Christmas Carol”

At Dickens’ Christmas Towne in Norfolk, the Pickwick Puppet Theater brings Charles Dickens’ beloved “Christmas Carol” to life!

Staring in their second year at Dickens’ Christmas Towne, the Pickwick Theater brings literature to life through their production of a “Christmas Carol” and through a re-telling of “Twas the Night Before Christmas” by a talking Worm and Book in the Enchanted Book Room.

A Childhood Dream Comes to Life

Pickwick Puppet Theater founder E.C. Hanna, like many children, has fond memories of spending time with his Grandmother growing up.  As a kid, Hanna’s grandmother created and preformed puppet shows which sparked a fire in him.

Hanna soon joined his Grandmother in making and performing puppet shows and has never stopped.

Today, you can catch Hanna and the Pickwick Puppet Theater performing Charles Dickens’ “Christmas Carol” all season long at Dickens’ Christmas Towne.

A Christmas Carol

The Pickwick Puppet Theater’s production of a “Christmas Carol” is definitely a one of a kind performance.

To create the puppet adaptation, Hanna started with the full text of the book, and then reduced it to make applicable for a stage show and then took some creative liberties, including a Ghost of Christmas Pheasant opposed to Present.

The show consists of 22 puppets brought to life by four puppeteers along with three live actors to join the fun.

“One thing that is really neat here at Dickens’ Christmas Towne is we place a high value on literature, which I think it very important because I think too often children’s literature is watered down, and I think that is a bad thing.”

The show is great for those young and old who enjoy a lively and funny re-telling of a “Christmas Carol”.  But Hanna has particularly geared the production to Elementary school age children.

And don’t expect to sit quietly and let the puppets do all the work during the show, as audience participation is a must!  There are opportunities to be engaged in the show and yell “Bah Humbug” with Scrooge.

The Enchanted Book Room

Not only the newest addition to Dickens’ Christmas Towne, but Hanna’s newest project is the Enchanted Book Room!

Step into this magical room where an animatronic Book and Bookworm come to life to help tell the story “Twas the Night Before Christmas”.

As with the “Christmas Carol”, Hanna takes classic literature and adapts it for children with a book, worm and an actor to re-tell the Christmas Classic.  This telling includes audience participation and even St. Nick himself joins the fun.

Geoffrey the Talking Christmas Tree

Make sure your family doesn’t miss the chance to talk to Geoffrey, the talking Christmas Tree.

Powered by the Magic of Christmas, Geoffrey sings Christmas songs and interacts with guests passing through the streets of London.

A New Christmas Tradition
My Family Enjoying Dickens’ Christmas Towne. We will definitely be coming back next year.

When asked what Hanna’s favorite thing about Dickens’ Christmas Towne was he shared that it “is a great place for families to come and create traditions.”

Hanna went on to tell me a story of a family tradition from when he was a kid…  Growing up, he used to go see “Pip the Mouse” and it was a puppet show that is still running today.  In fact, Hanna’s Grandmother used to take his Dad.

“I loved that Pip the Mouse was this holiday tradition that people went to and families enjoyed,” he said, “And I like the notion that (Dickens’ Christmas Towne) could become that for families.”

When Not at Christmas Towne…

Want to get more of your favorite puppeteer? In the summer you can find Hanna on the Boardwalk in Virginia Beach performing as a clown for Beach Street USA.

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