Getting a Peek Of Joy: 3D/4D Ultrasound in Williamsburg

One quiet morning in March of 2014, I saw those two little pink lines and my world changed… I was going to become a Mom!

My family of almost 4!

My pregnancy with my first was easy and uneventful and I loved watching my stomach grow anticipating for our new addition to our family.  And after 40 weeks, our beautiful son Junior was born.

My only regret during my first pregnancy was that I felt like I didn’t get to see my son enough. We had the standard 2D ultrasounds at 8, 12 and 20 weeks and that was it!  For 20 weeks, I wasn’t able to see my baby grow, fill out and figure out all those crazy dance moves he was doing in there.  I never saw or had a 3D photo of my little man to treasure.

This past March, I found out I was expecting again and I was thrilled!

I decided then and there, with this pregnancy, that we would do an additional ultrasound at Peek of Joy in Williamsburg.  I wanted to ensure that I had 3D/4D photos of my son to cherish forever.

Visiting Peek Of Joy

At 28 weeks, we decided to book our ultrasound at Peek of Joy. At that point, it had been almost 8 weeks since my last ultrasound, and it would be a good half way point between our last ultrasound and meeting our son.

Peek of Joy can detect gender starting at 16 weeks.  But, for good pictures of your baby’s face,  Peek of Joy recommends scheduling your 3D/4D ultrasound between 24 to 34 weeks, and the best pictures are between 27 and 32 weeks.  If you want a close-up picture of your baby’s face, then Peek of Joy suggest 27-28 weeks to get the best picture.

Visiting Peek of Joy was an exciting day for my whole family.  We told my son that he was going to see the baby and that was all he talked about on the ride there.

Upon entering Peek of Joy, a manager greeted me and brought me into the office to explain what to expect during your visit.

Peek of Joy offers many pregnancy services besides ultrasounds, including belly painting, belly casting, prenatal massage, life casting, photography packages, and much more!

Then, when it was time for my ultrasound, a licensed ultrasound technician, came out to greet me and my family.  The tech explained what to expect and brought us into the ultrasound room.

Baby and I ready to go!

The ultrasound room is meant to fit a crowd, so whether it is just you and your husband, or the entire family, they can all fit in the room comfortably for the ultrasound. The room offers a large movie screen for everyone to be able to see the baby — much different then the small screen in the doctors office.  The room has a very intimate feel and the bed is located at the back of the room, so your guests are watching the baby on the screen and not you!

My tech was very nice and took the time to discuss my pregnancy and my baby with me.  I told her where I am feeling the baby most and she started there with the ultrasound.  

Little Man on the BIG screen for everyone to see!

When the tech, the crowd and I were ready to go, the lights were dimmed and it was SHOWTIME!

The tech started where I was feeling my son first.  We got to see his cute face, but of course, he was being camera shy (hopefully that goes away!).  She moved around to try to get different shots of his face or to get him to move his hands, but he wouldn’t budge!

When the tech was unable to get a good shot of his face, she had me roll over on my side to get a better shot, and it worked!

We got the cutest photos of my son on a DVD and some beautiful printouts to frame!

The experience at Peek of Joy was amazing!  The ultrasound tech truly took the time to provide me the best pictures of my son and adjust when necessary.  The whole experience was personalized and was more than I could have imagined.  The staff at Peek of Joy were amazing and I would recommend them to any mom looking for a personalized ultrasound experience.

With the amazing pictures from Peek of Joy I have something to hold on to till I meet my sweet boy in 12 weeks!



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See some pictures below!
A profile of my sweet boy!
Such a cute little face! He looks just like his brother.
Those lips! I can’t wait to kiss them in a couple weeks.
My little dude was camera shy at first, but he came around at the end.



Note: This post is sponsored by Peek of Joy. However, we would not promote or work with a business we did not believe to be reputable or relevant to our readers.
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