Norfolk: Slover Library

Tucked on Plume Street in Downtown Norfolk is the most magical library for children.

First, just looking from the street the building will take your breath away.  The old Gothic building next to the new all glass building compliment each other beautifully.

And when you head up to the 2nd floor, you enter a magical place for children.

There are books galore!  Books for young readers to a child size drawer of board books perfect for the toddlers.  My daughter loves to sit there pull out the books and flip through the pages.  While she does that, I browse through the board books and make a mental list of books to check out or buy for her.

They also have so many interactive areas for children.

There is an arts and crafts area where your little can practice writing or color.

If your child is more for running around the interactive floors will keep the littles all the way up to your husbands entertained.  I can not confirm or deny that my husband played baby size hockey on one of these fun floor mats

If your little is more mobile, head over to the mats where there are tons of toddlers climbing, crawling and moving around.  Kids are everywhere!  It is a fun and safe environment to let your kid explore or play with other children.

Although there is so many things to do at Slover Library, my kid, of course, prefers to play with the one thing that is not a toy — the windows.  The floor to ceiling windows that look down on Plume are amazing.  My daughter could sit there all day and play.

Slover also offers great children’s programming.  Check our Calendar for Events.


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