Does a New Year Have to Mean a New You?

As 2017 comes to a close, we look forward to the promises of 2018: a new year, new possibilities, new adventures to be had, and that dreaded idea…RESOLUTIONS!

Some of the typical New Year’s Resolutions might look a little something like this:

  1. Go to the gym more.
  2. Fuss at my kids less.
  3. Drink less.
  4. Be a better person.
  5. Just generally do better.

Ok, so maybe I’m poking fun of the idea a little bit 🙂 But, New Year’s Resolutions get us thinking about all the things we want to change about ourselves and our life. For some of us these resolutions are the motivation we need to get the year started right. But for others, resolutions can lead to a bit of a depression over the amount of things that, well, have to change.

Here’s Your Challenge:

My challenge for us this year is to focus not on the negative things that need to change, but to applaud ourselves for the things we’ve accomplished this year.

Did you have a baby this year? YOU ROCK! Birthing a baby is hard. Growing a baby in you for nine months (rather, ten months) is HARD.

Did your kids make new friends this year? Did your child start preschool? Great job, mom! You taught them how to speak, and to be polite, and appropriate ways to interact with others.

Did you get a new job this year? Leave your job this year? You know what, GOOD FOR YOU! You’re figuring out what you want in life, and sometimes that involves leaving a somewhat decent job to make room for your DREAM job. Sometimes your “better” can’t take place until your “worse” comes and goes. There’s a plan for your life, and you’re finding it – one step at a time.

Did you cut your hair and hate it? Well, that’s ok too! Your hair will grow back, but for now you’ve gained valuable life experience 🙂 (anybody? Just talking to myself here?).


Seriously guys, let’s embrace the positive things about ourselves this year. Sure, there are always things that we can improve. But instead of making THOSE the focus, let’s pat ourselves on the back for surviving 2017!  (Because it was a rough year, am I right?)

We are strong, multifaceted women that have one of the, if not THE, hardest jobs in the world. We’re raising PEOPLE, ladies! We are contributing to the future of society one time-out session at a time. We are pouring into these little people with everything we’ve got, and you know what? That deserves recognition, and we deserve to be able to cut ourselves a break this time of year.

If you’re not feeling good about yourself, feel good about this: you’ve got a community of women that stand behind you this year, to encourage you and give you strength when you feel like you might strangle your child if they yell “NO” at you one more time.

I’m thankful for you all, and the humor you’re able to find in this adventure of motherhood. Hold your head up, keep that caffeine flow coming, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Meet Jessa

Jessa Hillmann is a native of Hampton Roads. She and her husband have lived in Newport News for five years, where they also had their two children – ages two and three.  Her husband works in Law Enforcement, which gives Jessa unique insight into the challenges of being a mother of two, a wife, and working part time. Jessa has a Bachelors of English with a concentration in Writing from Christopher Newport University. Besides being a mom, Jessa enjoys gardening, crafting, and organizing. You can follow her playful tweets about Motherhood on Twitter at @jessacorinne.  


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