Mom Monday Spotlight: Maria Jaglowicz of Sub Zero Ice Cream

Our Local Mom Monday Spotlight: Maria Jaglowicz

In Virginia Beach off of Indian River Road, you can enjoy science and delicious ice cream!  The exciting concept of Nitrogen ice cream was brought to Hampton Roads by our Mom Monday Spotlight, Maria Jaglowicz of Sub Zero Ice Cream!

Maria is a Hampton Roads native who grew up in the Kempsville area and graduated from Kempsville High School.  She owns Read more about her exciting story below!

Where did you get the idea to open a Sub Zero here in Hampton Roads?

After my husband got out of the Navy, we moved to Houston, which where we discovered the Sub Zero franchise.  We loved going there as a family and our son loved watching them use the Nitrogen to make the ice cream.    After so many visits, my husband started saying that we really should look into opening our own Sub Zero.  However, the Houston market was already so saturated with Sub Zero stores that we decided to bring this franchise back home to Hampton Roads.

Were there any difficulties getting Sub Zero opened?

It did take a while to open because this is a new concept for Hampton Roads.  We display our Nitrogen tank in the front.  Also, rather than using a Kitchen Aid mixer, we prefer to hand mix, resulting in less air and more ice cream in very bite.

What type of creams do you offer?

We have original, which is our most popular, custard, yogurt, low fat and vegan/lactose free option.  For our lactose free option, we can use different tools so there is no cross contamination.  After you pick your base, you can pick a flavor from our board, such as chocolate or strawberry, and then there are different toppings that we mix in.  We also have a menu with suggested combinations.

Do you do any community outreach?

Yes, we work with groups to have fundraisers.  We also love to do school presentations.  My husband is really into the education aspect.  We go to schools and take a small version of the Nitrogen tank and do different experiments.  My favorite is one we do with a rose that we freeze with the Nitrogen and then shatter.  And of course we end by serving ice cream!

That’s amazing!  Is there anything else?

Yes, we also do weddings.  We have a wedding on October 7 where we will go and serve ice cream.  We also provide a Nitrogen exit, where we blast Nitrogen as the couple leave.  You can find out more information on our website,

How is it running a business while having a toddler?

It’s different!  I was a Stay at Home Mom for two years, and it’s so hard now to take my son to daycare.  There’s definitely some Mom Guilt!  Sometimes I have to bring my son in with me, but you do what you have to do, manage people and manage your kid. We know it will all be worth it once we get the hang of it all!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about Sub Zero?

We’re a growing franchise, not a large chain.  This Sub Zero is owned by myself, my husband and my brother, so it’s run by a local family.  And of course, that’s great for anyone who wants to shop and support locally.

What’s in your diaper bag?

My diaper bag has kind of merged with my purse!  They are all mixed up.  I have make up in my diaper bag and diapers in my purse.

What’s your favorite kids snack?


What show are you currently binge watching on Netflix?


What’s your favorite kid’s show?

Daniel Tiger!

How do you relax?

My favorite way to relax is to put on my giant headphones and listen to Enya.

What advice do you have for other  Moms out there that are looking to start their own business?

Go for it!  I’m not the most organized person and I never thought I would be doing this.  But just go for it!

Thanks Maria for being our Local Mom Spotlight!  Do you know a mom deserving of the Local Mom Spotlight?  Contact us!

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