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Below is the list of Hampton Roads Mom Groups that meet-up in the area.  Hampton Roads offers a variety of Mom Groups that are perfect for getting out and meeting new Moms and letting your kid make new friends.

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Hike it Baby Hampton Roads  — A group that is focused on get children and families outside!  Group meets and hikes on local trails, either in a park or for an urban stroll.  Read our review by Hampton Roads Moms.

Stroller Warriors (Military member and Spouse only) — Focused on the military community, Stroller Warriors is a running and workout group that meets at local parks and on base.

La Leche League of Hampton Roads —  Breastfeeding support group with meetings all over the area.  Activities range from play dates to informational meetings.

Babywearing International of Hampton Roads — Offers monthly meetings with information on baby wearing.  Includes a lending library to try new baby carries and certified baby wearing experts.

Fit For Mom (Cost for Class)  — Group that meets all over Hampton Roads area to workout.  Offers workout classes and running programs.

No Excuse Moms  – Workout group that meets all over Hampton Roads.

MOMS Club  — An organization of Moms that offers opportunities to connect with other Moms in the area.  Group includes monthly play dates, field trips, Moms night-out, community service and other activities.


Pennewell Playgroup — A group that meets up for play dates, field trips and Moms night-out. Interview with founder Alana Pennewell.

Suffolk Area Moms Club — Mom group based in Suffolk.

Newport News

Mom Jaunt — A group that meets up for play dates, field trips and Moms night-out.  Interview with founder Michelle Baxter.

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