Moby Wrap: Infant Carry

After having my daughter, Pretty Girl, I was so excited to baby wear!  Unfortunately, I had no idea on how to figure out this crazy piece of cloth I received called a Moby Wrap.  It’s so long, and while it comes with instructions, it’s not the easiest to figure out at first.  But it’s such a necessity, you want to learn how to use it, and fast!  After all, nothing soothes my fussy baby quicker than when I put her up in a carrier.  Which means that baby is happy and mama can go back to cooking dinner, folding laundry, emptying the dishwasher or watching Netflix!  (I’m kidding on the last one…maybe)  Thanks to help of other mamas, I quickly figured it out and with this video, you will too!

See our video on YouTube on How to do an Infant Wrap with a Moby.  And then share with us how you like to wear your baby!

This hold is perfect for babies 8lbs +.

Remember, once you have the baby in, check the baby for safety:

  1. Chin is off chest and baby’s face is visible.
  2. The bottom (belt) is completely securing baby’s back and shoulders.
  3. Ensure baby is seated and there legs are completely covered by fabric.

We here at Hampton Roads Moms love baby wearing and we know you will  too!  If you’re interested in finding out more about baby wearing, check out Babywearing International of Hampton Roads.  This FREE organization offers support for moms looking to learn more about baby wearing and has a free lending library so you can try out various carriers and learn new ways to wrap.  And they meet on the Southside and Peninsula, covering all areas of Hampton Roads.

Want to see another Moby carry?  Comment below if you have any questions or suggestions!

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