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For Mom Monday, we decided to interview our very own Ashley of Hampton Roads Moms!

What is Hampton Roads Moms?

Hampton Roads Moms is a local Mom blog by Hampton Roads Moms for Hampton Roads Moms. Here at Hampton Roads Moms, we are passionate about motherhood, making memories with our kids and the Hampton Roads community.

Compromising over seven cities and an amazing Military community, Hampton Roads Moms promotes building a community and encouraging other local moms to get out and explore all the amazing museums, festivals, parks and attractions Hampton Roads has to offer.

Hampton Roads Moms is the #1 resource for things to do with your family, events, recipes, stories of motherhood, play dates and much more.

About Ashley
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Ashley is a mom to a beautiful, spunky little girl, Alice, and is married to her rock, best friend and love of her life, Greg.  She loves being a Mom and finds motherhood to be beautifully, chaotic and imperfect.

Ashley lives in Virginia Beach and loves to spend her free time riding her bike on the boardwalk with her family and exploring new places in Hampton Roads.  She is a lover of the beach, margaritas, coffee, running and speaking her mind.

Ashley gets by with the help of coffee and Jesus.

You can get more of Ashley on Instagram!

Get to Know Hampton Roads Moms
1. What is Hampton Roads Moms? 
Hampton Roads Moms is a blog bringing Moms from Hampton Roads together.  Whether it is sharing a couple laughs on a GIF game on Facebook, a story about being a Mom or highlighting things to do in Hampton Roads,the goal of Hampton Roads Moms is to bring Moms from all over Hampton Roads together and give them a safe space to share, meet other moms and build a community.
2. How did Hampton Roads Moms get started?
I tried blogging in my early 20’s but I really didn’t have a vision on where I wanted my blog to go, so the project ended.  I am a creative person by nature, but in my career doesn’t allow for me to do that, so I wanted to create a creative outlet for me and other moms.
I have friends in other cities that have local, city or regional blogs and I would always read the articles and see the photos of play groups and outings and wished there was something like that here.  My sister and I talked about it, sat down one weekend and put together a vision board, and the next thing I knew, Hampton Roads Moms was up and running.
3. What is your favorite thing about starting Hampton Roads Moms?
All the amazing moms I have met!  From Moms who are entrepreneurs to moms who volunteer their time to create play dates for other kids and moms, I just love meeting all these amazing woman giving back to the community.
4. What are you looking forward to in the future of Hampton Roads Moms?
Meeting moms in person!  I have so much fun with everyone on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but I am excited to meet Moms in person!  We had our first play date last month, and I loved meeting some awesome Moms and their families.  We are going to start planning more play dates and Moms nights out, so I hope to see Moms out at these events (check the Facebook for dates).
Volunteering and charity are very near and dear to my heart and I am hoping that we can start volunteering or holding fundraisers for CHKD or other local charities within the next year. (Contact me if you want to help plan events or have ideas).
5. What has been the hardest thing about starting Hampton Roads Moms?
I never imagined how much work it would be!  I work 10+ hours a week on the blog, work full-time, I’m taking a certification class and I have family, so I am literally exhausted.  But I love every minute of it!  I love interacting with Moms, sharing stories and community events and working with local businesses.
6. Any advice for Mom’s wanting to start a blog or business?  
Do it!  I thought of creating Hampton Roads Moms before my daughter was born but only started the blog around the time she turned 1.  Sometimes I think about how much farther we’d be if we would have taken the plunge earlier.
Starting a new endeavor is scary, but totally worth it.  Find a community that supports you!  I don’t know where I would be without my husband cheering me on, my friends and family sharing articles or the amazing Mom Blog community I have met.
** If you want to try your hand at blogging, we’d love for you to become a contributor for Hampton Roads Moms!
Photo Credit: Michael Crawford Photography

1. How do you keep up with a blog and family?

Time management is so important.  I refuse to blog while my daughter is awake, so I manage my time so I can focus when she is in bed or napping.  I also try to do lots of the social media aspect of it in between activities, while my husband drives us somewhere on the weekend, or on my lunch break at work.
2. As a Mom, who or what inspires you?
First, my daughter.  Not only was she the inspiration for Hampton Roads Moms. but she drives me to be the best at everything I do so I can be a role model to her.
Other Moms also inspire me. My Mom, my sister, friends and even moms I have never met but work with in the blogging world.  I am lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing women who provide for their family in different ways and are all around wonderful mom and people.  They inspire me to be a better Mom.
3. What’s in your diaper bag?
Sometimes it feels like everything but diapers!  We have snacks, toys, books, extra clothes for my daughter and a barbie.
4. Favorite kid snack you secretly enjoy?
I have been a Goldfish fanatic since my baby sister ate them as a toddler.  Now that I have a toddler, I indulge on them much more than I should.
5. What is your favorite way to relax?
Netflix and wine!  Sometimes I just turn on “The Office” pour a glass of Moscato and just relax.  It’s the best mental floss in the world!
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