Making the Super Bowl Fun for Kids

The Super Bowl is around the corner, and as a die hard Eagles fan, I couldn’t be more excited!  But as a mom, I know my kids couldn’t care less about this game.  And let’s be real, if your children aren’t excited or bored by the idea of something, you might be fending off a tantrum rather than enjoying yourself!  So to keep Mama and the kiddos happy, we have a few tips for Making the Super Bowl Fun for Kids!

1.) Let Them Dress Up

Tell your kids about the teams and the different colors they wear. Let them pick out an outfit that color coordinates with the team they choose to root for. Not only is this fun for them, but you can fit in a lesson about colors too!

This girl is already for the big game!
2.) Have Them Help Decorate

There is nothing my kids love more than decorating for a party!  Let them pick out fun, football themed plates and table cloths. Hang pictures of both teams mascots. Even if it’s just your family, make it a party! That way your littles will get excited about the football party and hopefully not declare their boredom before the National Anthem is even sung.

3.) Make Football Themed Food

Enjoy some Philly cheese steaks for Philadelphia or a bowl of clam chowder for New England. Of course, if your kid’s tastes are more simple, you can always make a pizza with a pepperoni shaped football! Be sure to check out our recipe for homemade pizza dough!

Another fun option is nachos.  My son enjoys it when we make him is own small plate of nachos with chips, cheese and a little salsa.

And don’t forget to pick up Super Bowl cupcakes from your local grocery store for a sweet treat to round out your football feast!

4.) Teach Them the Fight Song

Is there a team your family or child plans to cheer for?  Teach them the fight song for that team and explain how to sing it when there’s a touchdown!  My two year old loves to learn new songs and practice his singing.  Thanks to learning the Eagles fight song, every time we watch football, he says he wants to fly like an Eagle!

5.) Talk to Them About Sportsmanship

I always take advantage of the chance to teach my toddler tornadoes how to one day be decent people.  And what better time to talk about sportsmanship than the biggest game of the year? Here’s a great resource I used for reference and have personalized for my two year old’s understanding.  Ask them to point out good and bad examples of sportsmanship and what the player could do better in the future.

What do you do to make the Super Bowl a fun event for your family?  Tell us in the comments below!


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