The Lularoe Craze: Mom’s Everywhere Love It Before, During and After Pregnancy

LuLa What?

What in the world is “Lu-La-Roo” and why are all your Facebook friends stalking you and inviting you to groups and parties?

Well I’m here to tell you that it is a clothing brand that is simply comfortable and is honestly making all women fall in love with clothes shopping again.

Nikol with LuLaRoe Founder Deanne

My name is Nikol Gillis with LuLaRoe Nikol Gillis and I am an addict. I had been hearing about LuLaRoe through the wonderful world of Facebook but never really paid any attention to it until this past September.

My friend Kelli asked me to join her for a LuLaRoe Multi-Consultant sale in our neighboring town and that is where I quickly feel in love with how versatile and comfortable these clothes were, especially since I was just four months’ post-partum and had no sights set on squeezing into my pre-pregnancy clothes anytime soon. In fact I am pretty sure I was wearing my maternity jeans when I went to said sale!


Moms Supporting Moms

LuLaRoe was started by a single mother, Deanne Stidham, who found herself divorced and broke with 5 children that she needed to provide for along with the skill of sewing. Her daughter Nicole asked her to make her a Maxi skirt because she did not like anything she was seeing in the stores. After wearing her Maxi skirt to school and all of her friends asking her about it she began to take orders for skirts that her mom needed to sew, unbeknownst to Deanne, suddenly she was inundated with orders for these Maxi’s and from there so began the life of LuLaRoe!

While we started as a Maxi skirt company we have quickly become the “leggings company”. If you have heard of LuLaRoe then you have heard about our amazing leggings that feel like “buttah”.  The leggings are incredibly soft and do not roll down throughout the day. All our patterns are limited to 5,000 pieces which basically means that you have something original and not too many people will have the same items as one another.

How to Wear it Before, During and After Pregnancy

It is no secret that motherhood takes a toll on your body.  From your hips adjusting, to everything expanding than going back in place (sort of) the whole period of your life is just awkward for a women’s body.

LuLaRoe is amazing in that the material is comfortable and forgiving for pregnant and new moms.  Which is why so many woman can find confidence and comfort when wearing LuLaRoe.

I have put together below, ideas and suggestions on how to rock you pregnancy and post-natal body in LuLaRoe.

Let’s start with the obvious:

Pumping at Work in my LuLa Roe!

I don’t know about you but during my pregnancy I LIVED in my leggings/yoga pants, if it required “real pants” I did not attend that event!

LuLaRoe leggings are made of polyester and spandex so you get a nice good stretch, which is nice when that bump keeps growing over night, especially towards the end of your pregnancy.

Leggings come in two size options; One Size (2-10) or Tall & Curvy (12-22), the wide band at the top really helps to hold them up and they will not roll down throughout the day.

Once that baby gets here these make the perfect post-partum bottoms!

I don’t know about you but I hated feeling like I was in a hospital during my delivery, right after my son was born and I got the all-clear to shower I was out of that hospital gown and into my regular clothes because the doctor could finish clearing me! The band is not tight and allows you to heal without feeling like you are in a girdle, bonus points for the fact that you feel like you are literally not wearing any pants.

Perfect T

Now that you have the leggings you are going to need some tops to go along with them.  All LuLaRoe tops are longer in the back to cover you while wearing leggings.

This name could not fit this shirt any better! It’s fitted top and swing shape with side slits is everything you need throughout and after pregnancy. The side slits allow that belly to grow without you having to go out and buy new shirts every trimester. Then after you have your little bundle of joy in your arms, throw your Perfect T back on because the swing shape or circle shaped midsection of the shirt gives you a slimming effect. The material is meant to flow away from the midsection so no worries about any lumps or bulges showing!


Is our baseball tee, with its longer sleeves this is perfect for those fall and winter pregnancies, the material is thin enough to not have you sweating to death while at work or running errands.

When not pregnant, the baseball tee loosely fits around the waste to help hide some of the baby weight that you are working on loosing.

The Randy goes great with jeans and skirts for a fun casual look!


Now she’s the girl that most LuLaRoe virgins start off with! The tunic style shirt with fitted sleeves will take you from start to finish, growing with your bump and then letting you have room to breathe when it’s all done.

Since this is a tunic style shirt the extra fabric throughout makes for a comfortable and lose shirt to nurse in, just throw your nursing tank on underneath and voila!


The Carly dress is a high-low cut dress that you can wear from the very beginning to the very end of your pregnancy.

The Carly is designed to be fitted across the chest and then flow outward into an “A” line skirt which means it’s best to go down at least 2 sizes for a fitted look, if you want room to grow get your current size. You can grow with this dress and even after the baby has come this will be your go-to dress every time!

Pack this one into your hospital bag because it will be the cutest and more comfortable going-home dress out there. Throw it on with a large chunky necklace and sandals and you have “that Mom has got her crap together!” look.

Since the neckline is higher on this dress it does not make for the most practical nursing outfit, unless you wear leggings with it, then you can make all the cute knots to shorten it up, check out some great tutorials on YouTube, I love to knot my Carly’s and these videos have taught me so much!

Amelia and Nicole

If you want a practical dress for nursing/pumping, check out the Amelia and Nicole dresses both come in sizes XXS-3XL.

Amelia has box pleats and pockets, yes you read that correct, a dress with pockets, what more could a Mom ask for?! Wear this dress backwards and you have a great dress for pumping and nursing, I like to have a tank top with mine so I can have it zipped down a little father.

Nicole is an A-line dress with a full circle skirt making it so fun and flirty, the scooped neck makes it perfect for nursing! Both dresses have an elastic waist band so your bump can grow while you wear it.


Oh Julia…the perfect dress for maternity photos or anytime you want to show off that bump. Ladies, SHOW.IT.OFF. you are working 24/7 growing this baby, let the world see it! Julia is a form fitting dress that hugs all the curves in just the right places. Get this in a cute/fun pattern and that bump will really get some attention!



Want to know more about LuLaRoe

While these are just some of the styles that I feel make pregnancy and postpartum life just a little better it is certainly not every style that LuLaRoe makes. I carry many different sizes and styles and love to help women feel beautiful in their clothes.

Contact me and let me help you find your perfect outfit, join my group and see all the styles and patterns that I carry. I know that having a baby is financially terrifying for most people, if you love these clothes but cannot afford them do not worry get them for free! We pick a date, you invite all your friends and family over and they shop, the more clothes they buy, the more free clothes you earn. Get a whole new wardrobe courtesy of your friends and family.

Meet the Author

My name is Nikol Gillis and I am married and a stay at home Mom to a wonderful 1 year old little boy, my blue-eyed charmer. I am also a Boxer- Mom to the world’s most stubborn dog, Macho, but man do I love him. I became a LuLaRoe consultant after years of being a personal injury paralegal as a means to stay home and raise my son and I haven’t regretted it one time.
When I am not busy doing LuLaRoe I enjoy making crafts with my Cricut machine, drinking some wine, and being as close to water as possible; beach, pool, lake, doesn’t matter to me! My goal is to one day own a beach house or condo. Laundry is my krptonite, I would rather scrub bathrooms all day long than do laundry, ha! I also love coffee, any type of coffee, anytime of the day in any form, I wake up in the mornings and look forward to having that first sip of hot coffee.
I look forward to having you all join my LuLaRoe group and hopefully making some new friends!
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