Flat Harmony’s Magnetic Weekly Planner

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To say that my family and I are busy is an understatement.  Not only do my husband and I have 9-5 jobs, but we own a business, I blog for Hampton Roads Moms, we have an active 1 year old and  we love to make plans with our friends. That is why I love Flat Harmony’s Magnetic Weekly Planner to keep my family and I on schedule.

Before my daughter, it was easy for my husband and I to keep a calendar.  We both kept our own weekly schedule and then I handled most social and weekend plans.  We had the luxury to be flexible, cancel plans or lay in bed all day.

As Moms, you know as well as I do, plans and schedules are the key to parenting, which is why I love Flat Harmony’s Magnetic Weekly Planner to keep me and my family on the same schedule and Mommy sane.  (Always important)

Why I Love it

Our Flat Harmony Weekly Planner on the fridge.
My husband and I have tried everything to keep up with each others and my daughters schedule.

I have a planner for work and personal engagements, but that stays with my briefcase and is not easily accessible to him.  We tried using an e-mail calendar, but it sucked to try to sync that with both our Outlook calendars and our social calendar.

With Flat Harmony’s Magnetic Weekly Planner, the calendar is weekly and is magnetic so it is perfect to place on the fridge for everyone to see.

The weekly planner comes with three magnetic dry erase markers that we keep next to the calendar to make changes when necessary.

Tips to use the Weekly Planner

My husband and I love Flat Harmony’s Magnetic Weekly Planner so much, I wanted to provide you some tips on how to use it best.

Take Time to Plan your Week

Me working on my week plans with a cup of coffee.
Every Sunday, I take some time during nap time to lay out my family’s plan for the week.  I sit down with the markers, my agenda and a cup of coffee and update the calendar.  On each day, I write what we have to do, appointments, or bills that are due.

Taking time every Sunday to plan out my week, helps me visually see what is going on that week and make necessary arrangements if need be.  If I know I have a work function or my husband will be out of town, I can better plan for the rest of the week for nights to work late or to re-arrange existing plans.

Meal Plan

With the weekly view, I love to use Flat Harmony’s Magnetic Weekly Planner to meal plan for the week.

If I can lay out everything that I plan to make for dinner that week, it helps me plan out dinners and groceries.  By having dinner plans on the fridge, it reminds me to pull meat out of the freezer for dinner the next night.

Also, by placing it on the fridge, it ends the age old question “What is for dinner?”

Easily Accessible

Opposed to an agenda book or a paper calendar, Flat Harmony’s Magnetic Weekly Planner stays on one of the most used product in mine (and most) homes — the fridge.

Since the Weekly Planner is magnetic and the perfect size, it fits wonderfully on the fridge. It also comes with magnetic dry erase markers that sit right near the calendar.  By being on the fridge it is easily accessible to everyone in the house.

Color Coordinate

The Flat Harmony’s Magnetic Weekly Planner comes with three dry erase markers in various colors — black, blue and red.

The different colors are great for designating different items on the calendar.  I use the following color coordination on my calendar:

Blue: Meal Plan       Red: Things that need to get done       Black: Appointments/ Events

Flat Harmony’s Magnetic Weekly Planner

Flat Harmony’s Magnetic Weekly Planner has made a huge difference in keeping up with mine and my busy family’s schedule.

I can’t tell you how much I love the weekly format!  I love it for keeping track of bills, schedules and meal planning.  Flat Harmony’s Magnetic Weekly Planner has been the key to mine and my family’s sanity.

Try it out, and let me know what you think in the comments below!


Note: This post is sponsored by Flat Harmony. However, we would not promote or work with a business we did not believe to be reputable or relevant to our readers.
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