History Comes to Life at Jamestown — Part Two

Anytime you can combine history and adventure, you have a winner for your little learners.  At the Jamestown Settlement, your family can not only find adventure but have fun learning about the first settlers in Virginia and the Powhatan tribe.

Not only can you explore the settlement and Powhatan Village (see Part One), but the museum is an amazing resource to allow your children to live through technology, interactive displays and beautiful exhibits.

The Story

The museum starts with a 20 minute movie, 1607: A Nation Takes Root which tells the story of the evolution on the Virginia Company that financed the Jamestown Settlement.

The movie showcases the relationship between the settlers and the Powhatan tribe.

But 1607 is far from a boring educational video, but is told in story format that will leave the viewer wanting more. The quality of the video and the story telling rivals a History Channel Special.

The movie is captivating for the whole family and will leave everyone wanting to learn more.

Museum Fun!

From the movie, you step into the Jamestown Museum.

From my time in D.C., I have been to a lot of museums.  But I can promise you, this is one of the best museums I have seen.

The museum offers many different educational experiences to make learning and history fun!

Using technology, videos and live sets, your little learner will have a blast in the museum.  You read that right, have a blast!

Your kids can learn through screens placed around the museum the allow them to select what they want to learn about or play a game to learn more fun facts.

Have a tactical learner that has to touch everything!  There are spots where you can touch the exhibits.

The Adventure of Jamestown

The museum starts on the streets of Elizabethan London.

Like literally, there is a street in the middle of the museum.

As you stroll down he street, you learn about how the English lived during this time period.  you also learn about the beginning of the Virginia Company and England’s push for colonization.

From there, kids (and adults) can venture into the Susan Constant,the boat that brought the settlers to Jamestown, and hear from three men on the ship about life on the voyage to Jamestown.

The ship has a movie playing of the men talking about there voyage.  It felt more like something you would see at Disney opposed to a museum.

From there you learn about the Powhatan Tribe and their life before the settlers arrived.  The Powhatan’s were part of the Algonquian nation.

Baby wearing before the Tula.
And yes, if your kids are asking, this is the same tribe that Pocahontas came from.

You also learn about the origins of the first known Africans in the area.

Learn where they came from and how life was in the new world for them and about the old one they left behind.

The museum ends with showing housing from the time period.  You can go inside and learn what life was like for those first settlers and how they built a life in the place that we now call home — Hampton Roads.

Plan to Visit?

As a Mom and a believer in lifetime learning, I thoroughly believe in getting your children to not just learn about history but live it.

Jamestown Settlement does an amazing job about bringing history to life and living up to their motto “History is Fun”.  From the museum to the Settlement, the attention to details and facts make the experience amazing for the whole family.

Before you consider booking your next trip to D.C. to see history, consider visiting this amazing living museum in our own backyard.

To add a little extra to your trip, consider bringing one of the museums Kids’ Guides with your family.  The guides add a little something to your trip and can get the kids even more engaged by completing the activities.




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