History Comes to Life at Jamestown — Part One

Powhatan hut at Jamestown

I love Disney Princesses.  Ariel, Belle, Moana and even Pocahontas.

Add in the chance to combine Disney with living history, and you’ve got a winner on your hands!

And only in Virginia can you do just that!

At the Jamestown Settlement, not only does the story of Pocahontas come to life in the Powhatan village, but the story of the Jamestown colony, which was founded in 1607.

Visitors have the unique opportunity to walk in the footsteps of those who first called Virginia home.

The Powhatan village allows you to see how the Powhatan’s lived day to day, with replicas of their huts.  You can walk through and see how the Powhatan’s slept and set up their home.

Once you’ve toured the hut, visitors can wander through the village and see what life was like for Virginia’s earliest residents.

The reenactors can guide you through how to dig out a canoe, make traditional Powhatan food such as soup and what the Powhatan’s hunted during the year.

Typical Powhatan fare

But it wasn’t all work and no play!

You can also play Powhatan’s version of darts, which is feathers attached to corn ears that you throw through a hoop.  I just hope your aim is better than mine! (Spoiler alert: It’s not hard to score better than I did.  I learned that I should just stick to blogging!)

After you’ve checked out the Powhatan village, work your way down to the ships on the docks.

Susan Constant

Down there, you will find replicas of the Susan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery, which were responsible for transporting 104 men and boys from England to Jamestown in 1607.  There are handy guides that can give you an idea of how life was on board the ship and make you that much more appreciative for your Carnival Cruise!

Once you’ve conquered the ships, be sure to visit the Jamestown Fort.


Inside, you can get an idea of how the Fort was set up.  There’s the church, the governor’s house, shops and homes.  My personal favorite was the tour of the kitchen, where they reviewed what types of foods the settlers in Jamestown cooked and how.

The best part?  Back then, the men did the cooking.  Moms, can I get Amen?

But what really made the whole experience was the reenactors.  Everyone I spoke with was incredibly knowledgeable and provided a wealth of information on what life was like in the 1600’s.  It truly made the whole experience come to life.

Whether you live in or are visiting the Hampton Roads area, don’t cheat yourself and take the chance to travel back in time and experience this unique glimpse into Virginia’s history.  And when you visit, share your photos by using the hashtag #berevolutionary

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