Historic Williamsburg: Pay for a Day Visit all year

All the way to the West of 64 lies the Historic town of Williamsburg, VA.

As a History enthusiast, I love going to Historic Williamsburg.  For a moment, I feel that I left the 21st century and am on a cobblestone Colonial era street.  The dress of the people, the old buildings and even the passing horse and carriage can transport you to a different time.

With a little one that is still not 100% mobile, we love to go walk around the area with her in the Stroller.  We pop her in the stroller, bundle her up and go spend a day on Duke of Gloucester Street.

Heck, even Southern Living Magazine agrees — calling Williamsburg the “Best Museum of the South”.

If you have been thinking about taking the family to visit the time of our forefathers, the time is now!  Between now and May 31st, Virginia residents can pay for a day and get in FREE all year.

Included in admission is:

  • Unlimited access to more than more than 40 historic trades and sites.
  • Meet Nation builders, like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington
  • Complimentary shuttle
  • Interpreter-led tours of the Governor’s Palace, the Capitol and  all Government Buildings
  • Access to our two World Class Museums
  • 10% Discount on all tours and evening programs

So, for $40.99 per adult and $20.49 for youth (6-12) you can get all this for a year.

For more information, visit Colonial Williamsburg.

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