Hampton Roads Moms Bingo

Want a chance to win a $25 gift card to Target, while getting out and enjoying summer with your family?  How about a game of HRVA Moms Bingo?

Here at Hampton Roads Moms we are excited to bring you our first ever HRVA Moms Bingo game!  The game is really simple and will be a fun way for you and your kids to get out and about this summer.

How to play:

Visit locations or complete activities posted on the HRVA Moms Bingo board throughout the month of August. As you complete the board, take photos or screen shots to prove that you have completed that square.

Be the first to get BINGO and win a $25 gift card to Target.

Register to win (see sign-up below) and be entered into a drawing to win $10 to Starbucks.

Winners will be announced September 1.

  • Must be registered (see below) to win.
  • Entrants will be based on the honor system.  Please play fair and don’t lie.
  • Photos or screen shots will need to be provided for each box you complete and added to the original Facebook post.
  • Photos and screen shots will need to be of you or your kids completing the task.
  • This game is not sponsored by anyone else besides Hampton Roads Moms.
  • Winner must be 21+ and live in the United States.
Sign up:

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