Gift Guide for Moms

If you ask me what to get my kids for Christmas, I can rattle off ten things off the top of my head that my kid wants or needs.

But when my husband or family ask for ideas of what to get me for Christmas, I draw an instant blank.  Why is it that as moms, we have such trouble thinking of things for ourselves but no issue when it comes to our kids?

So we’ve put together a Gift Guide for Moms to give you some ideas to pass along to Santa Claus!

1.)  Rain Boots

As we move into the rainy/snowy season here in Hampton Roads, I’m once again reminded that I don’t have any rain boots for the nasty weather ahead.  I’ve been coveting a pair of Hunter boots, but of course Target brand is fine too!

2.)  HBC Organics Cookbook

I love to cook.

My idea of relaxing is flipping through cookbooks while I meal plan.  So of course, I have “Health By Choice:  Living Balance, Living Well” Cookbook by local Mom Jessica Kellaway on my list for Santa!

Also, check out HBC Organics for more local, natural products including skin care, products for your children and much more.

3.) New Pajamas

There is nothing I love to do more on chilly winter nights than to lounge around in warm pajamas.  So every Christmas, I ask for a new pair.

They get plenty of use during the winter while I lay by the fire with my littles!

I for one am obsessed with these pajamas by Burts Bee!


4.)  Snuggly Slippers

In keeping with the cozy theme, some snuggly slippers always make for an indulgent gift for mom without breaking the bank! Especially with how cold it gets in Virginia, a good pair of slippers will help you throughout the cold months.

I love these Moccasin slippers you can nab off Amazon.

5.)  Gift Cards

Do you have a favorite salon?  A favorite place to shop for clothes?

Remind Santa that gift cards make for a perfect stocking stuffer.  But from one mom to another, make sure to remember to use the gift card on yourself!

6.)  A Good Book

Like most, I enjoy reading when I have the time!  So I always ask for a book every Christmas and attempt to read it when I have the chance.

Some books on my list this year are Wonder by R.J. Palacio, It Ends with Us by Coleen Hoover and Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley.

7.)  New Clothes

Check out our friend The Sassy Sailor’s Wife!  She carries cute boutique styles and you can support a local Mom run Business.

8.)  A Day of Peace

While I love my husband and kiddos, I will never turn down a homemade coupon for a day of peace!

My husband takes the children for the day and I can nap, binge watch shows or take a long bath.

Or take one of my gift cards and go shopping or visit the nail spa! Just make sure you don’t waste your day cleaning!

Did you enjoy our Gift Guide for Moms?  What are some must-haves on your Christmas list?


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