How to get Organized for Less Than $10

I don’t know about you, but the freezer is one of my least organized spaces. Open bags of chicken nuggets get thrown in there, and little frozen crumbs go everywhere. Corn dogs are rolling all around the place. Ice packs are hidden beneath frozen beef and impossible to find. It’s a nightmare! That’s why these tips to get Organized for less than $10 have been a lifesaver for me and my family.

After years of frustration over my freezer, I decided to do something about it – and I want to motivate you too!

Organizing the Freezer

This is what the bottom drawer of my freezer used to look like:

I took 30 minutes, went to the Dollar Tree and decided to pick up a few plastic baskets (Pst… here is some from Amazon). I knew approximately how wide my freezer was, so I went from there. I wanted a basket that would take up most of the space width-wise, still leaving me a little room for frozen pizzas to stand up beside it. The Dollar Tree also has (amongst a million other extremely useful things) packs of chip clips that work great in the freezer. I bought a few packs for our chicken nuggets, sausage bags, and all the other bags that get thrown in our freezer too quickly. Here’s what our freezer looks like now:

How simple, right?? For $3 I organized my freezer! I was able to clean the bottom of my freezer
while I was taking everything out to sort into baskets and MAN did I feel accomplished after

Organizing the Pantry

Another problem area is easily my kitchen pantry. Little hands make their way inside and start
pulling boxes off the shelf. Cans get knocked over easily and roll right off the shelf and onto my
foot. It’s the best. I went to the Dollar Tree (yet again) and grabbed a few more containers.
During my first trip there for the pantry, I stayed with regular white baskets. Later on I replaced
them with some cute teal ones! Depending on the season, the Dollar tree carries pastel baskets,
bold colors, and autumn colors.

Don’t judge my before and after pictures! I organized my pantry for the first time a couple years
back, in July. At the end of this post I will add another picture of what my pantry looks like now
with a few more dollars put into it.

With just a few baskets I was able to contain my canned goods, separating them from all the
boxed noodles. Three baskets worked well on the top shelf to separate adult snacks from child
snacks – both healthy and sweet. Smaller baskets worked well to contain my spice packets and
small mixes. Not much changed with my floor space in this picture, but later on we replaced the
Gatorade and water with a giant food container for our dog (because where else can we really put
all that, right? It’s massive).

You can see from these photos that a few dollars can make a huge difference! $5 applied in the
right areas can turn a drab space into something exciting and easier to use. These cheap baskets
are easy to label, personalize with a little stick-on tag, and let’s say something were to happen to
these baskets (i.e. kids pull one down and SPLAT goes the whole thing), at least you didn’t pay a
fortune for them!

What cramped space in your home needs organizing? I would love to hear if this minimum dollar
trick would work for you!

As promised, here is a (slightly fuzzy) picture of our pantry now:

I bought a few teal baskets to replace the older white ones we had. I came to find out that the
white one I purchased for my canned goods was a little too small. I opted to buy two baskets
instead of one, and so far that has worked better. I kept the smaller baskets for my spices because
those were perfect! I also bought a cute round bin that now holds all my muffin, bread, and
brownie mixes. Anything I would want to bake would be found there!

Later, we went to Bed, Beth and Beyond to find the door organizer for about $40. The wonderful thing about BB&B is that they let you use MULTIPLE coupons! We definitely got a deal on this. While we were there, I really wanted to get a grocery bag organizer. We save our bags to be used as trash can liners, trash bags for our cat litter, and a variety of other things. Instead of having a giant,
heaping bag of grocery bags, we spent about $10 on a storage solution for them that we mounted
at the bottom of our pantry door.

With the leftover floor space, we moved the dog’s food container in there, and any sodas or oversized items sit to the right of that. I now feel like we’ve organized every usable space in our pantry! After shopping trips, I no longer feel stressed looking at the mountain of food we’ve just bought. I can confidently go to my pantry and know there’s a space for everything!

And isn’t that a wonderful feeling?

Hope these tips to get Organized for less than $10 help you and your family!

Meet Jessa

Jessa Hillmann is a native of Hampton Roads. She and her husband have lived in Newport News for five years, where they also had their two children –ages two and three.  Her husband works in Law Enforcement, which gives Jessa unique insight into the challenges of being a mother of two, a wife, and working part time. Jessa has a Bachelors of English with a concentration in Writing from Christopher Newport University. Besides being a mom, Jessa enjoys gardening, crafting, and organizing. You can follow her playful tweets about Motherhood on Twitter at @jessacorinne.  

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