At the MacArthur Mall, Moms can do more than just shop til they drop to burn off calories! Fit4Mom is now offering classes in a space shared with the Norfolk Public Library next to Dillards.

Fit4Mom offers a wide variety of classes that can easily pair with where you are on your fitness journey.  Expectant Mamas can take the Prenatal Workout Class, which is what Ashley tried.

This class is great for mamas who want to stay in shape while pregnant.  The class focuses on strength and cardio, which keeps Mama and baby healthy.

Ashley during Fit4Mom’s Prenatal Class

The instructor shows a sequence of moves and offers various adjustments that you can utilize, depending on where you are in your pregnancy and your fitness level, so don’t feel like you have to be in the best shape of your life to attend!

There’s also Stroller Strides, which is arguably what Fit4Mom is best known for!  During the winter, when it’s 17 degrees outside, Fit4Mom at MacArthur is the perfect option for those who want to get get out and walk with their baby but not deal with freezing temperatures.  Just bring your little and your stroller and come cruise through the mall!

And for those looking for a more intense option, the Body Back class is the choice for you!  This HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class does not offer child care, but it does allow moms to get in there and work hard for an hour so you’re burning the most calories and get the best workout for you!

And to kick of 2018, Fit4Mom will let you try Body Back FOR FREE!  The Free Preview is available January 8 at  9:30 a.m., January 9 at 5:30 a.m., January 10 at 7 p.m. and January 12 9:30 a.m. You can click here to pick a date for your FREE preview.  

For class offerings, check out Fit4Mom’s schedule.


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