Fall Fun at Bergey’s Breadbasket

With the weather (hopefully) cooling down, now is the perfect time to take your little ones to enjoy some Fall Fun at Bergey’s Breadbasket!

Located in Chesapeake off of Mt. Pleasant Road, there is no shortage of activities for toddlers, kids and adults alike.

When you arrive, take the opportunity to pet the goats located in front of the store.  For 25 cents, you can grab a handful of food and allow the goats to nibble from your hands.  Or you can do it like my toddler, and throw the goat feed while you run away screaming.  Either way works!

Next, step inside for a cup of coffee (a must!) and some delicious baked treats.  I split a pumpkin muffin between my kiddos and niece, but the cupcakes looked amazing as well.

After you’ve had your treat, be sure to step over and visit the animals.  It’s free, and your kids can go into some of the pens and pet the goats and sheep. Some of the animals bite, but Bergey’s has made sure to label if you need to watch your fingers.

Then for $10 a person, you can purchase tickets that allow you to do the corn maze, hay ride, corn gun and cotton patch.  The ticket also gets you into a little play area with mini tractors that your kids can play with.  My son had an absolute blast riding the tractors around and almost didn’t want to catch the hay ride!

My toddler had a blast on the hay ride, and it was fun riding behind the corn fields and seeing the farm.

The corn maze is great fun, but allow yourself at least 45 minutes to run through.  And after you’ve completed the corn maze, celebrate with one of Bergey’s AH-MAZING pies!

There is no shortage of Fall Fun at Bergey’s Breadbasket, and it’s one place you and your family must visit this season!

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