Ergo Omni 360 Review

My little girl LOVES forward facing in the Ergo!

Have you heard of the Ergo Omni 360 baby carrier?  If not, stop what you’re doing and check out this amazing new carrier from Ergo.  It’s the baby carrier all of us baby-wearing Moms have been asking for!

The Ergo Omni 360 Baby Carrier is amazing.

It allows you the versatility to carry your baby however you want, all within one carrier.  With the Ergo Omni 360 you are able to carry your baby forward facing in, front facing out, hip or back which allows Mom and baby to find the most comfortable fit for you and allows the carrier to grow with you and the baby.

As a busy Mom with two toddlers, I love that this one carrier works with both my kids as the Ergo‘s starting weight is 7 lbs and can hold a toddler up until 33 lbs.

How to Use it

If you are local to Hampton Roads, I strongly suggest checking out Baby Wearing International for more information or to review your carry with a Volunteer Babywearing Educator (VBE).

When wearing your baby, always look for the ABC’s:

A is for Airway:  Can you see baby’s face?  Are they able to breathe?  Is there anything blocking their face?

B is for Body Positioning:  Ensure that the baby is the correct age and positioned appropriately for each carry.  For hip and back carry, the baby should be sitting unassisted.  Before forward facing the baby, ensure that they have head and neck control.

C is for Comfortable:  You and Baby should be comfortable.  If you are not, reach out to Ergo or Baby Wearing International of Hampton Roads.

Newborn Ready!!

One of the worst parts of baby wearing an infant is the dreaded infant insert.  First I spent an arm and a leg on a carrier and now I have to buy another piece that they will only use for 2 months?

The Ergo Omni 360 comes with an infant setting that is ready to go!  To use the infant setting, simply adjust the Velcro on the bottom and VOILA!

Why We Love it

Enjoying that the Ergo allows me to be hands-free to play with my son! Even my daughter was able to help push.

Having two kids, my hands are constantly full!

Simple things like trips to the park or grocery store have turned into huge ordeals with two under two. But the Ergo Omni 360 allows my hands to be free so that I am able to enjoy more time with both my children.

The option to forward face is AMAZING!  My 1 year old daughter sometimes feels left out when she is on my back or against my chest, and the option to forward face helps with her FOMO, especially when she loves to spend her day laughing at her brother and his antics.

The Ergo Omni 360 is extremely comfortable to wear!  I can wear my daughter for long periods of time with out having to re-adjust myself or my daughter.  In fact, I spent 2 hours wearing her recently at Busch Gardens and she was so comfortable she took a nice long nap.

As a busy Mom of two toddlers, I would strongly recommend the Ergo Omni 360 to any new moms!  Be sure to add it to your baby registry or get it for a Mom to be!

Note, Hampton Roads Moms received a free product for this review, but the thoughts and opinions are our own.  


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