Easy Toddler Friendly Valentine’s Day Craft

Even before I had kids, I loved crafting, so now that I have a toddler, we love crafting together.  Therefore whenever there is a holiday, we love to celebrate with a craft!  To celebrate the upcoming holiday we did this Easy Toddler Friendly Valentine’s Day Craft to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

This easy craft takes less than 15 minutes and can be done with things you have in your craft room!

What You Need:

 – A piece of card stock paper

– A heart cut out of paper


-Paint (we did red and pink for Valentine’s Day) on a plate.

-Pencil with a clean eraser

How to Craft

  1. Tape the heart to the card stock.  I find it best to fold the tape over so the tape doesn’t ruin the shape of the heart.
  2. Dab the pencil eraser into the paint and dab it around the perimeter of the heart.  Show your toddler what to do.

    So much concentration.
  3. Let your toddler go to town.
  4. Once completed, or your toddler gets bored, allow pain to dry.
  5. Remove heart from page.
  6. Write “Happy Valentine’s Day” and hang it up or give to family for Valentine’s Day.


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