Easter Egg Craft

With Easter hopping closer, what could be more fun than this cute Easter craft?

I don’t know about you, but coloring eggs is one of my favorite parts of Easter!  But since it’s a little early to dye eggs, I decided to set my son up with this craft that is a fun way to spend some time during your afternoon and easy enough that anyone can do it!

You start by drawing an Easter egg onto construction paper (I hope your drawing skills are better than mine!).  Then you cut the egg out and lay them on whatever surface you’re doing your craft on.

Grab some washable finger paint (or crayons, markers, colored pencils…whatever you have on hand!) and set them out for your toddler.  Pro tip: if you’re using paint, strip your toddler down!  Also, I like to use q-tips in each paint color.  It helps avoid the mixing of all the colors.

Now let your toddler go to town!  My son was having so much fun, that a few neighborhood kids joined him. 

After the paint has dried, hang the eggs as part of your Easter decor!

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