The Do’s and Don’ts of Hiding Easter Eggs

If you are like most American families that celebrate Easter, the pinnacle of your children’s day will be the Eater Egg Hunt.  The Children will run outside in their Easter best to collect the prized Easter Eggs that tricky Bunny hid from them.

In our home, my husband helps the Easter Bunny with the sacred duty of hiding the eggs.  And every year, my husband’s favorite thing to do is hide the eggs for our kids, their cousin and friends when we host Easter lunch at our home.

While I’ve been planning the menu and decorations, he’s been plotting where to hide the eggs.  His excitement is to the point that I have to remind him to “rein it in”  and not to get too crazy.  You see, he is not hiding eggs for 8-12 year olds, he is hiding them for 3 month olds to 2 year olds.  Literally, he could probably dump them all into a pile and they would still take 20 minutes to collect them all.

So for his reference, I’ve made him a list in case he’s in doubt on whether or not a spot he has in mind is appropriate for our toddler friendly Easter Egg Hunt.

Because I feel that I am not the only wife in this predicament, I decided to give my list to you to  share with your over-excited manchild as needed!

Do make sure you pull down the beautiful Pottery Barn Easter Baskets I bought.

Don’t Forget and give our son the closest thing you can find.  Although he is wearing a blue Polo, it does not match that Bud Light Six-Pack you gave him to collect Eggs.

DO put the eggs in or around the sandbox.

DON’T put the eggs in or around the fire pit.  Our son will be in his nice Easter clothes and does not need any encouragement to dive head-first into the dirt and soot!

DO put the eggs under the table.

DON’T put the eggs on the table.  The last thing our niece needs is another excuse to climb on the table.

DO put the eggs in the EMPTY water table.

DON’T put the eggs in the FULL water table.  Again, nice Easter clothes!

DO put the eggs around the outside of the vegetable garden.

DON’T put the eggs inside the vegetable garden.  My poor baby plants already have to deal with a toddler who likes to try and drown them, and they don’t stand a chance against toddler feet and hands!

DO make sure to count how many eggs we put out!  I don’t want myself (or the kids!) to find rotten eggs while playing in the yard this summer!

DON’T eat the candy while you’re hiding the eggs.  I’m not dealing with toddler tantrums over empty eggs!

And most importantly, DON’T let these rules prevent you from having fun!  I know you’ve been looking forward to doing this with our son and daughter, so have at it!

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