The Do’s and Don’ts of Disney

At Animal Kingdom

Last month, my husband and I took our two year old and six month old to Walt Disney World.  It was such a fun trip and we made some great memories as a family!  We definitely can’t wait to take them again, but we learned some Do’s and Don’ts of Disney during this trip that we will be sure to keep in mind for the future!

So read on for our Do’s and Don’ts of Disney and hopefully our experience can make your trip more enjoyable!

DO dress comfortably.

I’m talking running shorts, tank tops, cotton and light, breathable clothing.  Florida is HOT and the  humidity is unbelievable, especially in the Summer.  Without a doubt, you’re going to be sweating.  This is not the time to dress cute.  Save that for Target.

DON’T wear flats, heels or wedges.

We walked the equivalent of a half marathon each of the four days we were there.  So again, not the place to look cute.  A lot of Floridians will advise you to wear sneakers, but I can’t handle my feet being hot.  If my feet are hot and sweaty, it’s game over, I’m miserable.  So I bought some awesome Nike flip flops.  They are cushioned, supported my feet, breathable and incredibly comfortable.  But just make sure you’re comfortable!

Our B.O.B. was a lifesaver!
DO bring a stroller.

Even if your children might be past stroller age, still bring them a stroller.  All the walking you do takes a toll on the little ones, so you’ll want a stroller for when they are tired.  Our two year old walked, rode in the stroller and wanted to be carried.  It was nice having the stroller for him to not only ride in when we didn’t want to carry him, but for him to nap in.  Also, if you have more than one kid, bring the double stroller.  We had zero issues navigating ours through Disney World and it made our lives easier having the option to put both kids in the stroller when we were too tired or hot to carry them.

This fan was AMAZING!
DON’T let the heat get the best of you.

Be prepared for how hot it is, even in October.  My family is from Orlando, so my husband I knew to be prepared.  We ordered fans off of Amazon that we clipped to the stroller and kept them going on the kids to keep them cool (Pro tip: bring extra batteries).  We also bought one of those spray fans.  We filled it half way with ice and the other half with cold water.  That way the water stayed nice and cool when we sprayed it on the kids.  Also, bring a hat and sunscreen.

 DO bring a swimsuit.

Not only are there water rides, but splash pads for the kids to cool off.  And if you don’t want to bring a swimsuit to the park, at least bring a change of clothes.

Fast Pass for Toy Story Mania!
DON’T forget to book your Fast Passes.

Make sure you know which rides you want to hit and book Fast Passes for the ones that always have a long line.  So do book a Fast Pass for Peter Pan, but don’t book a Fast Pass for Carousel of Progress.

Nursing Room at EPCOT.
DO take advantage of the Huggies Care Center.

We LOVED the Huggies Care Center.  We would duck in there to change a diaper, use the nursing room and change our kiddos out of wet, sweaty clothes.  Every evening at 7, we would take the kids into the Child Care stop, wipe them down with cold, wet paper towels to cool of their little bodies, dry them and put them in their pjs.  Then we would go claim our spots for the fireworks and when we left, the kids were already in their pjs and ready to sleep on the ride back to my parents.

DON’T expect to do everything.

Unless you live in Florida and are an Annual Passholder, you won’t do it all.  Especially with kids in tow.  It’s too hard and you’re going to need breaks.  So decide what is most important for you and your family to do.  If you can fit in more, great.  But take note of whatever you didn’t do and make sure to put it on the top of your list for the next trip!

Nap time is margarita time!
DO make sure you get in nap time.

Your littles are going to need a break.  What we would do is pick out a ride with a really long line that was inside and in the air conditioning and hold our kiddos while they took a nap.  That way they slept through the long line, we didn’t’ have to entertain them, and by the time we got to the front of the line, they were nice and refreshed!  Or you could be Parent of the Year and grab a margarita while the kids sleep.  Either way.

Taking photos of where we parked was a lifesaver!
DON’T forget where you parked!

I took a photo every day of where we parked so we could avoid wandering through the parking lot at 10 p.m. with two overtired kids searching for our car.

Tula snuggles
DO bring alternative carriers.

Not only did we have the stroller, but we brought our Tula.  This way, when our little ones wanted up, we could carry them without wearing out our arms.  Also, my daughter fell asleep in the Tula much easier than the stroller, which came in handy!

DON’T forget to pack the essentials.

You can bring your own water bottles, sandwiches and snacks.  This is a money saver and time saver, as it keeps you having to stop what you’re doing to get food or drinks every time you or your littles need to re-fuel.

A simple bike lock worked for our stroller
DO lock up your stroller!

We brought a simple bike lock with us and put it around the wheel so no one could take off with our B.O.B.  Also, don’t leave any valuables or things like medicine in your stroller.  Bad people are everywhere, including the happiest place on earth.  We actually caught someone trying to go through our stuff, so please be precautions.

DON’T forget to make a back up plan!

Florida might be the sunshine state, but it rains almost every afternoon during the summer.  So make sure you have a plan for when those summer thunderstorms roll in!

We loved our matching ears
DO embrace the magic!

Let your kid eat Mickey Ice Cream bar, even though you know they are going to be a chocolaty mess.  Wear your Mouse Ears.  Take those touristy photos in front of the castle.  Make coordinated shirts for your family.  Meet the Disney Characters.  Stay late for the fireworks.  Let your inner-child run wild and show your kids that you can always be young at heart if you can remember the magic.

Have you been to Walt Disney World or Walt Disneyland?  Are our Do’s and Don’ts of Disney accurate? What Do’s and Don’ts of Disney would you share with first time visitors?  Also, don’t forget to check out our list of 10 Reasons Why Moms Should Love Disney!

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