Dinosaurs on the loose!

Just when we thought the cold weather was gone, Father Winter reared his ugly head and Hampton Roads has once again been hit with low temperatures that make taking littles outside less than ideal.

With a two year old that is recovering from a cold and a three month old with a little immune system, I try to avoid taking them out in this type of weather.

However, after two days stuck at home, cabin fever had struck and I was desperately searching for a way to spend our Wednesday.

Enter the “Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice” exhibit at the Portsmouth Children’s Museum.  The exhibit is on loan from the Minnesota Children’s Museum and if you have a child obsessed with dinosaurs like mine, this is the perfect activity to chase away the winter blues!

This hands on exhibit allows you child to dig for fossils, draw their own dinosaurs, put together puzzles and play with dinosaur action figures.  

Add to that the slides that go through mountains and the dinosaur costumes, what more could a child want from an exhibit?

Not to mention it was educational as well, and even Mom learned a little something while chasing her toddler through the exhibit!

The Portsmouth Children’s Museum is already a hit with my children (the baby enjoys napping in the Tula!), so this addition makes for an even more exciting trip.

So go on and visit the dinosaurs, but hurry!  This exhibit will be extinct on June 4th.

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