Arthur’s World

Summer is here and the days are HOT.  And I’m not going to lie, I’m already over trips to the pool and mall.  So we enjoy going to the Children’s Museum of Virginia, where air conditioning isn’t the only reason to visit!  For a limited time, you can also check out the new Arthur’s World exhibit!

Arthur’s World was created by the Boston Children’s Museum and based on the popular books by Marc Brown, which inspired the popular PBS series.  The Arthur’s World exhibit allows the books and TV show to come to life for young fans like my toddler.

Playing in the Read kitchen

His favorite was the Read Kitchen, which is basically a giant kitchen center!  My son, who is a budding chef, had the opportunity to play with measuring cups, mixing bowls, whisks, cups and eggs.  There was also an oven to check out what Mrs. Read is cooking, and the chance to help dress Arthur for the day.

Another fun area is Lakewood School, which featured desks and cubby holes for Arthur and his friends.  If you have a little one heading to school for the first time this fall, it’s a wonderful chance to show them how fun school can be!

Arthur’s World Library

There is also the library area and backyard camping with a cute little tent that the kids can climb in and out of.

My personal favorite part was the green screen that allowed you to actually be a part of the show!  You could select a portion of the show, like the opening theme, and dance with Arthur.  Or spell aardvark with Francine.  As someone who watched Arthur as a child, I enjoyed goofing off and dancing.  And my toddler thought it was hilarious to see in the TV.

Arthur’s World is at the Children’s Museum until September 9, so be sure to catch this exhibit before it’s gone!

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