An Amazon Mom’s Guide to Easter Gifts for a Toddler

If your anything like me, your kid’s Easter gift is probably sitting in the Amazon warehouse somewhere, and will be ordered on Wednesday to arrive on the Friday before Easter — and 2-Day shipping wins again!

To many moms, Amazon Prime is the best thing to EVER happen to mothering.

So for all you Moms out there who are procrastinating, here are some ideas for Easter Gifts for your toddler from Amazon.

Egg Dying Kit:  Although your egg dying experience will probably end with you dying eggs alone at the kitchen table while your toddler plays with your Tupperware, we all know that we need to get the traditional PAAS Egg dying kit for our kids.  If anything, you’ll have a great photo of your kid dying Easter Eggs for like 30 seconds.

Candy:  Candy is a MUST for the Easter basket.  Chocolate Bunny is a MUST for every Easter Basket.  If you are a lover of those gooey magnificent Peeps they have them too.  Amazon has all the chocolate you can think of to give your toddler.  Let’s just hope they crash hard after the sugar rush of Easter Candy wears off.

Plastic Eggs:  To this day, I will never understand what a Bunny is doing running around with a bunch of chicken eggs, but by golly, I won’t miss an Easter Egg Hunt!  And don’t worry, Amazon has plastic eggs for you!

Books:  I am a strong believer in the power of reading — I sit with my daughter and read a book to her daily.  Therefore, for every holiday she gets a book.  Since she is still at the stage where she either destroys or eats paper — we always play it safe and buy the board books.

Flash Cards:  Back on my Soap Box here, but as I stated above, I love reading to my daughter.  But since her vocabulary is like ten words tops, we are still constantly practicing words.  These flash cards are amazing!  Bright, large and have different textures to help your child identify with the word.  (Example – the dog one has fur and the jelly one is sticky).

Puzzle:  Yup — still on this Soap Box.   As I’ve stated above I love educational toys.  We like to get our daughter puzzles to work on.  Letting her little brain figure them out keeps her and her mind busy while I get to fold that massive load of laundry.  I call that a win-win.

Chalk:  As a kid, Easter was always the sign that Spring was about to start, so my parents always got us outside toys for Easter.  Chalk is a perfect gift for a toddler and you will spend countless hours outside playing with it.

Ball:  All toddlers love balls.  There is something so fascinating about them to our little people.  My daughter will chase our ball around the yard for hours on end.  The Sensory Balls are perfect for toddlers, and heck, I even find them cool too!

Pool:  With Summer not to far away, go ahead and get your kid that infant pool for the back yard.  This one is affordable (pro tip: these plastic ones only last a year) and still big enough for you to sit with your toddler.


What are you planning on getting your toddler for an Easter Gift?

  1. Errign Siek

    March 31, 2017 at 12:51 am

    Declan loves those sensory balls. Those flashcards look awesome. I got D some Shleich animals, balls, a couple of pouches, a book, and some matchbox cars for his basket 🙂

  2. Taylor Ramirez

    March 31, 2017 at 2:27 am

    Love it! This is the first year I’ll be doing Easter stuff, (the downside of moving away from my MIL). And I don’t have the childhood memories to go off of! I honestly didn’t even think of Amazon! (I was thinking solo trip to target…. but Amazon is cheaper!)

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