Why Mama Works Out

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Why Mama Works Out

I’m far from a perfect mother.  I get frustrated sometimes too easily, with myself or with my kids.  My house isn’t spotless.  And I am the worst when it comes to scheduling play dates for my kids.  But even though you can frequently find me driving the hot mess express, all of this contributes to Why Mama Works Out.

After two c-sections in two years, my body is not in the best place.  Sure, these stretch marks and “shelf” are the result of bringing two beautiful babies into this world and yada yada yada.

But that doesn’t change the fact that I’m just not comfortable with my body right now.  And that’s a big part of body confidence, right?  Being comfortable in your own skin.

However, since I kind of hate working out, I’ve had to find ways to motivate myself to get in and do what needs to be done for myself.

So here’s how I drag myself off my couch and to the gym!

1.)  I get up to two hours of free time from kids.

Whenever I go to the Y, I drop my kids off at Stay and Play and attend a yoga class, run, do some weights or just go hide out in the sauna.  Some days, this is the only me time I get, so it’s a huge motivator to drag myself to the gym!

2.)  It sets a good example for my kids.

With the obesity epidemic that is plaguing our nation, I want to teach my kids early that exercise is important.  And what better way to teach them than by practicing what I preach?  Whenever we go to the Y, my two year-old always asks, “You workout Mama?”  And he loves to walk around by the wellness floor and ask about various machines and what people are doing.  How to lead healthy lifestyle is one of the best lessons I can teach my kids, and going to to the gym helps me do just that.

3.)  My diet consists of copious amounts of the four C’s.

Carbs, Chocolate, Cheese and Champagne are my favorite.  Pretty much anything delicious in life consists of one those things.  By keeping up a workout routine, I can indulge in my favorite things, without feeling all of the guilt.  So unless I want to be the size of a house, I have to get my butt off the couch and to the gym.

4.)  I’m incredibly competitive.

I love doing step challenges with friends and family on FitBit.  And what better way to win than to go to the gym and run or hit up the elliptical?  #boom

5.)  I like completing a goal

Like most, I enjoy setting a goal and the feeling I get when it’s completed.  But just setting a goal of losing weight or getting in shape isn’t enough.  There is never a particular deadline or definite end in sight.  So I will do a program, like Couch 2 5k, which last eight weeks.  At the end of eight weeks, I love seeing and feeling the difference in my run.  It’s such an awesome sense of accomplishment and it gives me something to be proud of.

6.)  Endorphins make you happy, right?

Being a mom is hard.  And stressful.  Exercise gives me a nice boost of endorphins which in turn helped me to keep the “baby blues” at bay after the birth of both my kids.  The time alone also helps me to have a little more patience and an extra boost to get through my day with my kids.  

7.)  It keeps me in shape.

While this might come across a major duh, it really does play a huge part into why I work out.  I love playing with my kids, chasing after them at the park, showing off on the monkey bars and climbing on playground equipment.  Being able to do these things are what make me personally feel like the great mom I want to be.  If I get winded just by walking up the stairs, I know that’s a sign I need to get back into my work out routine.

8.)  I get to socialize with other adults. 

I’m a Stay at Home mom, and the majority of my close friends with kids work full time.  So other than the odd play date here and there, I don’t get to socialize with other adults much during the week.  But when I go to the gym, I get the opportunity to visit with other moms who are there doing the same thing as me.  And it’s always nice having the chance to speak with someone who isn’t half my height about something other than dinosaurs!

9.)  I love feeling encouraged.

While I would never say that I need my ego stroked on a regular basis, it’s nice to have the encouragement of the various instructors and trainers at the gym.  Some of the classes can be rather challenging, and I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I master a new yoga pose or box master combination.  Or even better, when a friend stops me and says, “Have you lost weight?  You look fantastic!”  Mom’ing ain’t easy, and sometimes a little bit of affirmation can give your spirits a much needed boost!

10.)  It’s fun!

When I work out at home, my kiddos almost always get involved.  Whether it’s climbing on me during sit ups or planks, mimicking my downward facing dog, or racing mama down the street, it gives me a chance to bond and create memories with my kids.  And it helps teach great habits they will hopefully carry into their future.

How are some ways you get motivated to hit the gym?  Share with us Why Mama Works Out in the comments!

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