FREE things to do in Hampton Roads

When you have kids, there is nothing you love more than FREE things to do with them that gets you all out of the house.  Lucky for us, Hampton Roads is FULL of free things to do with your family.

So, rather than keeping y’all cooped in your house looking for something to do, Hampton Roads Moms decided to put together a BIG list of FREE things to do all over Hampton Roads.  So bookmark this site for your next free day and get outside!

Free Things to do:


Hampton Roads is lucky to have multiple cities with many great parks!  With multiple park systems, there is always a playground around the corner for you to take your kids for a day outside.  From Mt. Trashmore to Newport News Park to Bennett’s Creek Park there are so many different parks offering a variety of activities for you and your family.

For your reference, below is a list of the Parks and Recreation resources for the area:

Virginia Beach       Chesapeake       Portsmouth       Suffolk       Newport News

Norfolk                  Hampton           Williamsburg     York County

Splash Pad

When the summer hits here in Hampton Roads, it gets hot, fast!  Taking your littles to the splash pad is a good way for them to run around with other kids, play in the water and exert some energy.  There are three FREE splash pads in Hampton Roads at Peninsula Town Center in Hampton and Shoop Park and Town Pointe Park in Norfolk.

Virginia Aquarium — Exhibit

Many don’t know this but the Featured Exhibit at the Virginia Aquarium does not require admission.  Upon entering the Aquarium, head towards the IMAX theater and then continue right to the walking path.  The room on the left is where the Featured Exhibit is located.

They always have a different exhibit in there with interactive exhibits or places for the kids to run around.  In the past they featured tree houses, Smokey the Bear and currently is an Ocean theme.

While at the Aquarium, stop and see the Seals, located at the front of the Aquarium.  The staff come and feed them and they swim in a giant tank.  Your kid will love watching them and may even think they’re in the actual aquarium.

Bluebird Gap Farms

Located in Hampton, the 60-Acre Farm has over 150 domestic and wild animals. Ranging from horses and goats to birds of prey and alpacas, this park has it all.  And bring your quarters if you want to buy feed for the animals.

Not only does the park have animals for your kids to enjoy, but it also has lots of the amenities of a regular park.  Bring your picnic gear, or burgers to grill and enjoy the playground with your family.

Go for a Hike

Hampton Roads not only offers tons of parks, but tons of places to go for a hike!

There is nothing like getting the whole family together and going for a long hike in nature.  We love to get in the longs miles and enjoy the spectacular views.  Many of the local trails are along waterways and offer spectacular views.

Checkout some of the parks listed above for trails.  But some of our favorites are the Noland Trail, Windsor Castle and Northwest River Park.

Meet Some Friends

While getting out of the house for some one-on-one time with your family is great, there is nothing like getting out and meeting other Moms in the Hampton Roads area.  There are so many FREE Mom groups that meet-up in the area to do free or almost free things.

Check out our list of Mom Groups for information on Mom groups in the area.

Beach Trip

No matter where you are in Hampton Roads, you are never to far from a body of water to go for a swim.  From the Ocean to the Bay to the tons of Rivers in the area, every city has a beach that is free for you to enjoy.

Whether it be the beach in Yorktown, Buckroe or Sandbridge.  There are tons of places to enjoy a day at the beach with your family in Hampton Roads.

Go Back in Time

Want to visit the Colonial era?  How about the Revolutionary War?

Virginia in general is known for it’s rich American History, but the Hampton Roads area is particularly known for it’s impact in the building of America.  Visit Colonial Williamsburg and walk around the Duke of Gloucester Street.  Or head to Yorktown and visit the Colonial town and battlefield.

Visit the Library

Every city in Hampton Roads has multiple Libraries to visit.  Take your kids to the play areas and let them spend all day enjoying the kid areas.  These kid areas are normally full of other kids who are doing the same thing that you are.

Or, check out the large selection of books that the library has to offer.  Get a library card and let them pick books to bring home that you can read together. Also, check the library schedule to see if there are any classes that you and your family would enjoy.  Babygarten at Slover is a personal favorite of mine.

What is your favorite Free thing to do in Hampton Roads?

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