10 Things to Do to Celebrate Earth Day

With Earth Day on Saturday, April 22, Hampton Roads Moms wanted to give you a BIG list of 10 things that you can do with your littles to celebrate Earth Day as a family.

I find that sometimes the biggest difference you can make in the world can be done with your own family in your own backyard and communities. Check out the list below with ideas on how you can help the environment this Earth Day.

And, if you want to celebrate Earth Day with other families in Hampton Roads, checkout our list of events this weekend.  

How to celebrate Earth Day


10.) Start your own vegetable or herb garden.

You can do this in your backyard or start a container one of you live in an apartment or base housing.

Consider composting to get the freshest, most nutritious dirt.

9.) Grab a trash bag and go to the beach or a local park!
I would also suggest some gloves!  Pick up as much garbage as you safely can. Make it a game for littles by having a contest to see who can collect the most trash.
8.) Invest in reusable grocery bags.
I have a collection of free ones I’ve received at various races and conventions.  You can always by some off Amazon, like these Reusable Reinforced Handle Grocery Tote Bag Large 10 Pack – 10 Color Variety.
Some grocery stores, such as Kroger, even give you a discount for bringing a reusable bag!
7.) Plant a tree in your yard!
Or bee friendly plants.  Allow your kids to pick out the seeds so they feel invested in the project.
Your littles can help with digging the hole and planting the seeds.  Take pictures of the plants as they grow and have your child watch as they see the plant grow from a seed to something bigger.
And a tree or pretty flowers will heighten curb appeal and help the earth!
6.) Recycle!
Take a few minutes to explain to your kids the difference between throwing something away and recycling. Then ask them for a few examples of things in your home you can recycle.
Keep a list of recyclable items near the trash can with pictures to help your kids learn what is recyclable and what is not.
5.) Reduce waste!
Consider purchasing wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets.

Or ditch the plastic water bottles for a reusable one (I’m obsessed with my CamelBak Eddy Water Bottle, Palm, .75-Liter).
And you can really challenge yourself by using cloth rags for cleaning over paper towels! (My husband has a lot of trouble with this!)
4.) Start a compost heap!
Follow our directions on how to compost at home with your kids to learn how to do it yourself.
We put vegetables, fruit, egg shells and coffee ground in ours. And then sprinkle it on the vegetable garden we planted!
3.) Cut back your energy usage.
It’s the little things that really add up, and will not only save the planet, but save you money!
Turn off lights when you’re not in a room.
Don’t leave the water running when you brush your teeth.
Take advantage of the gorgeous weather and hang your clothes and linens to dry on a clothesline instead of throwing it in the dryer.
2.) Consider eating sustainably grown food.
While this can seem daunting, start small by visiting your local farmers market for fruits and vegetables that are in season.
Bonus? My kids love the farmers market! There’s always a craft for them to do or the Mobile Library for them to visit, so it’s a win win for our family AND the earth!
1.) Ditch the Round Up.
We live on the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, which means everything gets washed into the bay.  And the harmful chemicals in your store bought weedkiller can have an adverse reaction on our crab and oyster population.
You can find tips for how to make your own using white vinegar, dish soap and table salt on Pinterest.  Also, it’s safer for the little ones you have running through your yard!
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