10 Reasons Why This Mom Loves Disney — And Why You Should Too!

Walt Disney World tends to get a bad rap from Moms.  It’s too hot, why spend all that money to stand in line with whiney kids, it’s crowded…you’ve heard it all before.  As a former Floridian and Disney fanatic, I’ve never understood why you wouldn’t want to go to Disney especially as a mom!  And after spending two days there with my two year old and six month old, I’ve been reminded of exactly why I’m a proud Disney Mom, and why my fellow mom’s should love Disney too!

10.) Worried about your kids epic tantrums? Go to Disney and you’ll see other kids throw tantrums that will make you realize that your kids tantrums are actually minimal in comparison.  And if we’re all being honest, while we all feel sorry for the parent dealing with it, we’re internally high-fiving over the fact that isn’t our kid…for now. 9.) You can let your inner princess shine and wear a crown all day! And not a single person will judge you for it.  Yesterday I walked around with Belle Mouse Ears on and no one looked at me like I was crazy, unlike when I do it at Target.

8.) Crazy Disney shirts! Pull out that cricut and make matching shirts for the whole family! Or if you’re like me and aren’t creative, just order them on Etsy.  And you’ll fit right in with all the other Disney families doing the same thing.

My husband in his Darth Mickey shirt
7.) You can fan girl over meeting Disney Princesses! Or Star Wars or Pixar characters, whichever you prefer.  I’m 30 years old and I still revert back to when I was 10 and met Belle on my first Disney trip every time I see her.
6.) Your kids will get the best sleep EVER after a day at the park. My six month old slept from 8:30 p.m. to 10 a.m. I actually feel well rested for the first time in a year. PRAISE DISNEY!
5.) Margaritas in Mexico. Beer in Germany. Prosecco in Italy. Champagne in France. Where else but Epcot can you drink around the world with your kids in tow and not be judged for it? My husband and I actually raised our glasses in solidarity with other parents a few times.
4.) You can act like a kid and blame it on your kids.  I will never be too old for Disney, and I hope my attitude will remind my children to always remember the magic.
3.) Your kid can drive a car on the Tomorrowland Speedway and you can take a turn of saying, “Are we there yet?” a thousand times so they can see how obnoxious they are.  Life lesson learned?
2.) FIREWORKS.  No fireworks beat Disney fireworks.  Combined with the music and my toddler’s reaction, it never fails to move me to tears every time.  You have never and will never see fireworks the way they do them at Disney.

1.) Because how excited your kids are will be 100% worth it.  The way my two year old squeals and yells, “It’s Disney, mama!”  just fills my heart.  I love sharing the magic of Disney with my babies and nothing will ever replace the beautiful memories we make every time we go.
  1. Crystal

    June 19, 2017 at 10:11 pm

    We will never have the money to go to Disney, but do n’t think I could handle the crowd anyway.

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