My Mil Spo Friends Rock: Military Spouse Appreciation

One of the many see you laters I’ve had to say to my mil spo friends
*Note: The Friday before Mother’s Day is nationally recognized as Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

Running races together is a favorite way to help deployment pass
Military Spouses are often referred to as dependents, and not always in the most positive way.

We have dependent i.d.’s, our service member gets “dependent pay” when they get married. Every piece of paperwork we fill out refers to us as a dependent and we know our spouse’s social security number better than our own.

Some refer to us as a drain on society. Because after all, aren’t we just a bunch of dependaptomuses sitting in our couch, popping out kids and wearing our husband’s PT gear to the NEX?

Those who think that are wrong.

My Military Spouse friends are far from dependents.

They hold their families together while oceans and time zones apart for months at a time.

They have babies while holding their friend’s hand instead of their husband’s, because he can only listen in through a crappy phone connection from the Middle East.

They hold and pursue careers, even though they have to deal with constant moves or upheavals, making it impossible to advance in their field.

They go to school, taking longer than your average student because those moves mean having to retake classes since credits won’t transfer.

My military spouse friends take deployments in stride and are experts at keeping themselves and their kids busy so the time flies by.

They learn how to tell their kids with a smile on their face that orders came through to Japan, which means leaving the school and friends they love behind.

They volunteer. They bring meals (and much needed wine) to other spouses in need. They babysit when you have to work late. They drop everything and are there for you when your car battery dies at midnight in a movie theatre parking lot (true story). They ring in New Years with you and celebrate your birthday when your service member can’t.

My Mil Spo friends are the most badass women I know. They are teachers, students, entrepreneurs and moms. Nothing holds them back. They are just as proud of their own accomplishments as they are of their service member’s.

So Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day to all of you. I’m proud to be among your ranks.

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!
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