Mom Spotlight: Our Mom!

Our mom baby wore before it was cool!

In honor of Mother’s Day, Ashley and I wanted to do something different.  As moms ourselves, there is no one we appreciate or look up to more than our mama.  Babette (or Babs) had the gift (challenge?) of raising Ashley and I, along with our two siblings (if you counted 4, you’re correct).

Believe it or not, we were not always the easiest people!  Our teenage years alone should make our mother a candidate for sainthood. In honor of Mothers Day this weekend, we decided to ask our mom a few questions on motherhood, and most importantly, which one of us is her favorite child (Hint: It’s me.)

1.) As a mom, who or what inspires you?

My children inspire me.  As a mother, I remember you as beautiful little babies, growing to toddler, children, teens and now adults.  I am amazed at the beautiful people that all of you have become.

2.) What was the best part of having Ashley and I as daughters?

The best part has been watching the two of you grow into not only siblings but best friends.  That makes me so very proud.

3.) I have two kids and they frequently drive me crazy. How did you stay sane with four? 

There were days I didn’t.  Motherhood is difficult but rewarding. I have never heard “WHY” so much in my life! There were many days when I just had to remove myself momentarily and have a good cry to relieve the stress.  But then you have to step back in and be the parent because you all needed me to be.  But when you all would put your arms around me or tell me you loved me, that made everything worthwhile.  

4.) What was the hardest part of being a mom?

The hardest part was seeing my child hurt by someone or something.  That would break my heart because usually, you didn’t understand why.  It was just someone being mean for no reason or you didn’t make the team that you wanted to make or you had to sit on the sidelines because the coach or teacher didn’t think you were good enough.  I thought you were perfect!

5.) What is your favorite memory from our childhood?

There were so many, the holidays, I loved seeing you all get so excited and then being so happy.  Birthdays, we tried to make the day so special and you all loved your parties.  Vacations, I loved
having you all to myself, no interruptions from friends.  But I also loved the days at home, just us together.  I loved a snow day, we all played, ate grilled cheese and soup, warmed up, had the fire going with Disney movies playing, and then we did it all over again.

6.) What is your favorite perk of being a Nana to three awesome grandbabies?

I love those babies just as if they were mine!  My favorite perk is watching my daughters become such wonderful mothers.  You both are so loving and caring with your children and I love seeing that.

7.) What was your favorite activity to do with us when we were kids? 

Baking and cooking!  I loved making cookies with all of you as well as pasta!  I loved watching the excitement and wonder on your faces.

8.) What tradition of ours do you love seeing us carry out with our own family? 

I love that you are consistent in going to church and making God an important part of their lives.  I love that you take some of the traditions from our holidays and make them a part of your family’s

9.) What advice would you give to Ashley and I about being moms?

Enjoy every moment, it goes way too quickly.  Pick your battles, let your children enjoy being children because it’s for such a short period of their lives.  Don’t let them grow up too quickly because they will try.  Teach them to be respectful, good people.  It will carry them far in life.

10.) Finally, our readers are dying to know which one of us is your favorite? 

Haha, one of the two of you, but I’ll never tell!

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