10 Fun Items to Kick Off Summer!

10.)  Stars and Stripes Sunglasses
What better way to watch your littles splash in the pool than with these cool, mirrored Stars and Stripes sunglasses?  Not only will you look patriotic, but you will be protecting your eyes from those harmful UV rays!

9.)  Swan Float
What better way to enjoy your time in the pool than this float made famous by T. Swift and her squad?  This will make for loads of fun for you and your littles in the pool, and everyone will want to take a turn!

8.)  Bean Bag Toss
This Melissa & Doug bean bag toss is perfect for keeping toddlers and children entertained during those lazy summer cookouts!  Or if your kid is anything like mine, jumping in the pool, then out five minutes later and looking for the next activity, you can set this up for them to play with while they dry off, which won’t take long in the summer sun!

7.)  Family Inflatable Pool
Speaking of pools, there is nothing more ridiculous than an adult in a toddler sized pool.  I always feel silly trying to cram into a pool that was made for my two year old.  And then if my child is in there splashing around, forget about it!  So this family pool is nicely sized so I don’t feel like a giant and my toddler can splash comfortably around.

6.)  Mesh Beach Tote Bag
I don’t know about you, but one thing I hate about going to the beach is having to clean off each and every toy before putting it back in the bag.  With this mesh bag, you can shake everything out and leave the sand at the beach and not tracked through your home!

Who needs toys when there’s a stick?

5.)  Beach Toys
The sand spinner alone is an awesome toy.  I had one as a child and used it for sand and water.  Heck, Polly Pocket even took a ride through the wheels!  This set is perfect for keeping your toddler entertained while you enjoy your wine…er book at the beach!  AND you can shove your toys into the beach bag you ordered above.

4.)  Picnic Blanket
My sister has this and I’m obsessed.  This blanket can go to the beach, park, on picnics, to concerts or even just in your backyard!  If you’re going to purchase anything this summer, this is the most versatile and easily the most useful.

3.)  Bar B Que Set
How else are you going to cook all those burgers and hot dogs this summer?  This grilling set is perfect for all of you (or you husband’s!) grilling needs.

2.)  Ring Toss Game
Not only will this game get your toddler out of your hair (can I get an Amen?) but it’s a fun game for them to play because they get to do their favorite thing…throw stuff.  And the ring toss lets them work on hand eye coordination so you can feel like they are learning stuff.  Mother of the Year!

1.)  Plastic Wine Glasses
Outdoor drinking = broken glasses.  Or at least it does among my friends.  Invest in this plastic set and protect the wine glasses your husband says you have too many of.

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